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  1. Mercury 5.0 Engine 2 stroke for sale Great condition see EBay item # 222370744982 for more details and description. needs nothing Happy New Year! Colin
  2. PayPal me the invoice: [email protected] Thanks
  3. PayPal me the invoice: [email protected] Thanks
  4. Seacast out of Florida. Don't waste your time with inferior products! Call Bruce
  5. I am interested in leaving my boat/trailer near Oswego in August and September. I live in Northwestern Massachusetts and would like to avoid the hauling to and from the lake. If you know anyone that may have space please let me know. I would pay for a space of course. Thanks again to all fellow fisherman! Murph 413-262-9221 [email protected]
  6. I will take it if it fits an older 10A cannon. Actually, I will take 2 if you have them Colin
  7. Sorry- I misinterpreted the drawing you sent! Problem solved!!!!! Thanks Man!!!
  8. The riggers are mounted on Swivel bases- not a gunwale mount. I could fab that no prob....
  9. Looking for an offshore bracket for an outboard and Kicker set up- ARMSTRONG.com or similar- This Tansom is very complex! Thanks, Murph
  10. Hi Guys, apparently these were discontinued in 2010 - part # 2254010 I am looking for a pair from the older style Cannon 10 A's electric riggers. Paypal preferred Fish on, Murph http://store.cannondownriggers.com/products/390757/Big_Body_Cannon_Lock
  11. I am looking to buy 2 locks for a pair of large body older style riggers. Please let me know. Send me a pic of what you have. Paypal preferred. Thanks, Colin