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  1. Mercury 5.0 Engine 2 stroke for sale Great condition see EBay item # 222370744982 for more details and description. needs nothing Happy New Year! Colin
  2. PayPal me the invoice: [email protected] Thanks
  3. PayPal me the invoice: [email protected] Thanks
  4. Seacast out of Florida. Don't waste your time with inferior products! Call Bruce
  5. I will take it if it fits an older 10A cannon. Actually, I will take 2 if you have them Colin
  6. Very good condition $250.00 Overall Dimensions: 18" d X 35-1/2" w X 19" h Follow this link: http://www.toddusa.com/productdetails.aspx?id=245&f=63 Thanks for your interest, Murph
  7. Hey Sutton, as soon as you can get pics forward them to me. Sounds like a plan! I would like to see it.... my email for your records: [email protected] Best, Murph
  8. Spring is just around the corner- ha ha Don' t put away your ice augers yet! I know a lot of boats are still under cover at this time of year... I will be be fabricating custom made hatch panel lids, covers, etc. Choice of material and design is totally up to you, or with my help. Get those annoying on deck problems resolved. PM me and send along photos of your needs along with dimensions. Templates are most welcome too, or the old piece. Best to all, Murph