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  1. Brwntrt

    I Had The Pleasure.

    good for you landshark (i think) LOL
  2. Brwntrt

    flea trouble and, maybe, a solution

    on the same concept... spraying WD40
  3. what r u looking for...pic????? might have some
  4. nice thanks for sharing
  5. nice selection ..good buy
  6. dont think its bikinibottoms........i have his they are flawless....
  7. Brwntrt

    Johnson J6REDS 6.0 1996

    buy a book for 20 bucks................
  8. Brwntrt

    Best bday gift ever!

    sweet great pictures making memories...where were u fishing
  9. Brwntrt

    Tying flies.

    hey they look good ...maybe a few more strands of glow... ill buy some when u get them made black gold and glow (gobie) try one of those g00d luck
  10. what weight can it handle? thanks
  11. Brwntrt

    Gas mileage

    jesus BUY A KICKER!!!!!!!