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  1. Send me an invoice to [email protected] (please include labels with flies)
  2. Ford 351 V8 complete engine I will me removing my 1995 Ford 351 V8 from my truck with 126,000 miles. Never driven in the winter. I have put 10,000 miles on this truck in the last 10 yrs. This is a CENTURION 4 door crew cab automatic 4x4. Fits 289, 302 bell housings. Any interest here please let me know. Also advertised on Clist and ebay. E me with questions. Cheers, Colin
  3. EZ Steer used a few times $200.00 Perfect condition; can't use it as I am re-powering! PayPal and can ship asap FREE!!!. Kit #EZ60003 The EZ-Steer system allows you to safely and easily steer your auxiliary outboard engine from your boat's main wheel, even if one is raised or tilted! This allows you to pilot your kicker motor without being stuck in the back of the boat hanging over the transom to steer. It also keeps you out of the way of the fishing action. Designed for engines up to 25 horsepower, there is a kit to fit every outboard and sterndrive combination, even if you have a swim platform. The EZ Steer pateneted, self-adjusting stainless stell rod attaches between your main and auxiliary engine and does not need to be disconnected, it will self-adjust and steer the auxiliary engine. Each kit includes a complete bracket assembly, main bracket body, quick disconnect, stainless steel bands, and a rod assembly. http://www.ezsteer.com
  4. Located in NW Masachusetts. I would like to sell the box of 24
  5. Pm if interested All usable Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Yates roller- unable to edit here Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. I'm located in Western Ma 01247. Paypal me an invoice [email protected] Thanks again
  8. Good am Robert! Will this fit an older 10A electric rigger? Murph Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  9. Posting later today as ad states!

    -you are the first reply so you have 1st dibs

  10. Mercury 5.0 Engine 2 stroke for sale Great condition see EBay item # 222370744982 for more details and description. needs nothing Happy New Year! Colin
  11. wellcraftv20

    transom rebuild

    Seacast out of Florida. Don't waste your time with inferior products! Call Bruce
  12. I am interested in leaving my boat/trailer near Oswego in August and September. I live in Northwestern Massachusetts and would like to avoid the hauling to and from the lake. If you know anyone that may have space please let me know. I would pay for a space of course. Thanks again to all fellow fisherman! Murph 413-262-9221 [email protected]
  13. I will take it if it fits an older 10A cannon. Actually, I will take 2 if you have them Colin
  14. Hi Guys, apparently these were discontinued in 2010 - part # 2254010 I am looking for a pair from the older style Cannon 10 A's electric riggers. Paypal preferred Fish on, Murph http://store.cannondownriggers.com/products/390757/Big_Body_Cannon_Lock
  15. Sorry- I misinterpreted the drawing you sent! Problem solved!!!!! Thanks Man!!!
  16. The riggers are mounted on Swivel bases- not a gunwale mount. I could fab that no prob....