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  1. I hearya.....Good luck and post up when you get some ready...
  2. Thanx for the good tip..!!
  3. Like others have said, TIG welded is best...if it doesn't look like a bad area,if you can do without that rivet have it just welded in A bad area would be were two pieces of alum are overlapped with a gasket in between (ie: keel) in close proximity to the crack, the gasket material will cook and contaminate the weld adding more leaks...
  4. That's pretty good service Jobsite, can't knock it
  5. I have an new 8hp Merc(tohatsu)......it works great too all day on 2 gals of fuel.......the only thing I regret is not getting the optional charging circuit on the second day of chugging with all the electronics, I sometimes need to fire up the 150hp generator (Yammy)
  6. 3M........Home Depot......they carry it in 2" & 4".......Great stuff http://www.homedepot.com/p/3M-4-in-x-15-ft-Step-and-Ladder-Tread-Tape-7636NA/100211722
  7. How much time did it take for them to show up......I also signed up for BoatUS unlimited towing but have never used it yet (knocking on wood) We heard someone on channel 69 looking for a tow 1/2 mile out of Mexico Point but were too far east (above Pulaski) with a full spread of drowning tackle
  8. I've had three different boats....all with cannon swivels under the cannon d-riggers worth every penny when things get tense OTW
  9. Was that you on Sun am offering the $100 for a 1/2 mile tow to the launch??
  10. I used electrical tape wrapped around the mounting studs, let it crush in between to become a cushion
  11. Friday pm we got one laker, and a laker and smallie on Sat near Catfish.....Nada today till 11am from Mexico to Salmon River, then pulled them and headed home
  12. I'll bite..... Last August I went to Lake O for the first time.......three of us in my boat and we did pretty well except for every stinking fish on the end of whatever I was holding on to either broke off or just got off...... ..nothing but limp poles They started calling me "Weenie-C" cuz of the hat I bought at a local tackle shop One the last day the other two guys said "You need to get something in this boat so we can go home"......my reply "The only thing I need is a pix of us sitting on the transom with the rods out, We'll pull them right at high noon then get outta here" Well we got the pix, four rods in the lake, three of us were pulling rods and the very last rod was thumping and I got my king (IIRC 18 lbs) the time stamp on the pix of us sitting was 8-26-2012 11:57am the time stamp with me holding this king was 826-2012 12:03 pm It was a classic, last day, last minute with the last rod in the water Funny thing is, my boat is packed and ready to pull out of NH at 5am for round two......It's gonna be a great weekend Wave Hi to the little grady if you see us out of Mexico Point Willy-C (formerly Big-Weenie-C)
  13. Nice Lund SSS......I wish I had the choice to put mine inside the splashwell but I have two seats in the way and my kicker is mounted on an adjustable Garelick mount.....So I have to stretch out over the back.....
  14. Thanx Fishy....You guys are a wealth of great info
  15. Great tip Sk8man, are lead sinkers banned on Lake O like here in NH..??
  16. Kuba, materials scrounged and engineered by the seat-o-the-pants university main engine mount was a piece of flat bar stainless steel cut and welded with two 3/8-16 hex bolts welded for the steering rod to connect ......drilled, bolted and nutted thru the engine cowling (twenty year old motor- no warranty issues) the kicker (brand new last year) has no holes where the bracket is, just two SS hose clamps......that bracket was made with a piece of thick SS sheet metal (maybe 10ga) also with two 3/8-16 hex bolts to form the other place to connect rod...... it was tricky to get the bends right but works great if I was to do it again I would change the wing nuts to using air quick-connects (same type on air hoses)......seems they would be easier to connect and swivel the hitch pin works great but have since added a flat tang on the larger tube near the holes where they connect to help line the holes up (using pinky finger) when hanging over the back
  17. We are staying at Stix's Motel and launching out of Mexico Point We'll keep an eye out for you, Good Luck......Can't wait to say....."FISH-ON"
  18. Like Lund SSS I made my own steering rod with 2 pieces of aluminum tubing (one smaller to slide in the other) and a hitch pin to connect/release The hitch pin allows for a quick get away if conditions get hairy without completely removing the rod while hanging over the back Like you Kuba, I had trouble using the kicker while trolling....If I was just using the kicker for just emer power then it would steer OK if it was 1/3 throttle or more......as soon as the throttle was down I had no steering using the main motor.......so a steering rod was just the ticket
  19. Me and my crew also...... Great report Byoung62......Looking forward to the weekend too
  20. O?.........Ooops, I see you're in Canada......water freezes in colder temps up there.... ....(Celsius ) Good Luck
  21. Kuba, I always change my L/U oil in the fall when I'm winterizing......because gravity will let any contaminates settle over the winter and collect internally in the housing, and if there's any water intrusion you'll see it before freezing temps damage it from expansion...... if you spot issues you won't be pressured to fix it in the spring, you could work on it during the winter months
  22. Pete, from the initial power up.....push "menu"......then "enter"......then toggle the up down to reach desired contrast level what you can't see is the "screen" command is at the top of the menu screen, that is the adjustment for the contrast I had the same problem with my backup X125, I thought it was junk until I figured it out
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