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  1. Looks good Dukdog As far as lynch pins, they work great if you can get the right id and od's to match.....I used a hydraulic hose crimper to tweek the sizes before drilling out for lynch pins.....they work great and don't rattle Here's the rod holder sets I made last year out of aluminum
  2. I spotted Jusgrinnin at the launch today
  3. Nice Vid Adk......it's getting me psyched for my Apr trip back to Lake-O
  4. When cleaning I hang'em by the hind feet, pull the skin down all the way from hind feet to the neck (leave head on), then cut off front legs, back legs and fillet the back straps.....leave guts and pull fur back over the remaining carcass, it can be used for yote bait My houndley furbuddies love bunny meat, raw, bones included....
  5. That's a snowshoe hare just turning white......weird how the head was the last to change
  6. This is my two knuckleheads after about 3 hrs hammering on one bunny I gave a pass to.....they had fun and nearly wore themselves out that day
  7. Excellent Shade of Gray......Great first hunt with your dog Now that deer season's winding down, the bunny huntin' will crank into full steam around here now that the snow showed up I agree bunny huntin' can be more fun than big game huntin' cuz there is always action.....I find it a great time to introduce novice hunters and seasoned hunters alike to wild and crazy beagles last weekend the bunnies (snowshoe hare) were white and the woods were brown, so the shooting was pretty easy if they came close enough
  8. I have the Garmin 546S....they make a nice unit, AFAIK the chips are propietary garmin
  9. ......Scott, I'd like to see that next year.......
  10. Not sure if it's the same comparison but check this out http://www.walmart.com/ip/16401577?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=3&adid=22222222227009938670&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=13692834190&wl4=&wl5=pla&wl6=34449169150&veh=sem http://www.westmarine.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_11151_10001_702745_-1?ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=702745&cid=sc_googlepla&device=c&network=g&matchtype=&gclid=CL-345nF4rkCFdGd4AodwBcA2w $19.96 vs $34.99 for the same thing.....needless to say I have been stocking and not paying the "w. marine" price
  11. I've been dragging 8# balls also......but after a Lake-O trip two weekends ago I had to buy two new 13#er's shaped like a fish at a local tackle shop They tracked great after we figured out to slightly bend the aluminum tail for a left/right track but they are painfully slow at retrieving with my Mag10's It sure was spooky running those bad boys down to the end of the 200' of cable
  12. Great read guys.....After my trip last weekend on Lake-O I can verify the thrill just gets even better Our crew ended up with only 4 bites, but turned into 4 fish and 86.3 lbs of fish for the weekend.....this fishing addiction thing doesn't cure itself by catching more bigger fish It was great to meet Adk1 at the launch, he mentioned here to look for the camper pulling an islander and that's exactly what we saw just as we were driving into the launch parking lot.....Glad Scott you found your sweet spot out there in that huge sweet ocean And my fishing buddies were amazed how Home Wrecker called out on the VHF for me and had a conversation with some unknown boater.....I didn't feel like he was an stranger thanx to this website Like you guys I'm also eyeing when my next trip will be....
  13. Hey Scott....it was nice putting a smily face to the name this weekend...Sorry there wasn't much time for a chit-chat We stayed at Stick's Bar & Motel....not a bad place, basic, parking for boat and only 4-5 miles from the launch we met at...$100 a night w/two double beds ($25 for an extra air mattress) Like you I'm all ears on other places too....was thinking of checking out Catfish Fishing Camps but scooted home too quick yesterday ~WC~
  14. Great idea on a Plan B Capt.....I'm too green to experience an over-blown day on lake-O.....yet, I'm sure it's just a timing issue Hoping that day is not soon I'll be pulling out heading back to NH when you arrive so we'll warm them up for ya
  15. I'm staying at Stick's Motel......I need to check out Catfish Fish for next year's vacation plans, curious to know if it'll be good enough for the wifey's approval I'll be in the mini grady.....
  16. Thanx Buddy, I didn't mean to unleash my stupid questions to my superstar... ......We never made it out that far last time Sorry You can't be with us this trip, You'll be there in spirit with your gear in proxy...
  17. Phil, Add me to the Lake-O greenhorn club.......willing, able and anxious to get out there next weekend....... also in Mexico Bay (launching at Mex Pt) Maybe hear ya on 68 too
  18. I'm like you Adk1, my Lake-O box has many empty spaces and lots of room for expansion.... I have two new wire-dispy rods that need to get wet
  19. Adk1 & Fish Hunter, I'll be there next fri for the weekend too.....Look out for a small grady with old glory on the bow Maybe bump into you guys (not OTW...LOL)
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