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  1. I don't get on the radio much, but what channel are people using? Would love to join in. I have my boat at Mexico point.
  2. In a month you will be too late or heading out too 500 fow for fresh fish. You can always fish the river for dead slobs. I refuse to eat salmon once they hit the river and hold all their waste for spawn.
  3. You should have fished here last year home wrecker. Most days limited out by 9:30 or so with 4-5 guys in the boat.
  4. Fishing with the pack is fine when there is one pack. But when there are 100 boats in 5 different spots and depths. You have to just find temp and run with it.
  5. We started in 220. Then went to 150 and then back out to 200. Marked a few but no bites. Went out to 5 stacks around 10:30 and picked up a 24lb on a Dipsy out 300 with Mtn dew chip and green crinkle. Long day for 1 fish.
  6. Went out today at first light. Set up in 190 fow. And went to 220. Starting marking fish. Picked up a 18lb king in 211 fow down 185. Oyher from 180-160 fow 135-175 down. Very little to no bait found. 4 for 6 on the day.
  7. Yes, in front of Mexico point and up to Selkirk or so. Combat fishing at its finest. When you take a leak over the side, everyone just waves. Haha
  8. It won't matter mod August. They will be in 60 fow and everyone will be hammering them. Good luck and good chatting
  9. That's gonna be tough. Temp has been all over. I guess start where the other boats are, look for bat pods and drag gear through them. I was also fishing for browns today, not salmon. Had all spoons with cheaters 10' up with smith wicks. Yesterday bait was any where from 10-85' filling the sonar from top to bottom frequently.
  10. Left. Went toward plant. Hit 65 fow and dropped gear. Temp at 38-40. So trolled in. Then after 2 hours of hammering 40'-70 fow went out and trolled back and nada. Almost all boats gone from area by 9:30
  11. Marked very little if any. Any where from 45 fow -110. Temp all over. Very little bait. One trip all day.
  12. Running 2.3-2.4 at the lure. Fish hawk . I'm running S docs and flies, echips, and change depths frequently. Can't believe I'm not hooking up.
  13. Thanks. Last year was amazing and this year is a bust. It's tough to see everyone else doing exactly what I'm doing and catching fish and I'm taking the poles for a boat ride. Is 2.3 too slow this year?
  14. Name is Brandon. Fishing out of Mex Pt. been out a lot and getting skunked frequently. Lots of bait and fishing the thermal climb. Marking fish, no hookups. Wtf?
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