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  1. I have a 2011 Merc/Tohatsu 8hp, 4stroke.......great kicker, wish I had the charging circuit
  2. .........I never NOT seen her wanna eat the whole thing........she must be a kinder gentler hunting dog Reminds me of the story of the three legged pig
  3. Today my star female hound turned into a retriever of sorts........She and her brother came to a screeching halt 100 yds after I sent two hail-marys at a fleeing hare.......I thought I missed 15-20 mins later she searched me out and brought me this rear foot as a prize........I resumed the search to find the stashed hare with his one rear legs missing........strange how they didn't devour the entire bugger but kept on hunting
  4. Our group whacked two today (me one).....the snow conditions seemed pretty good but the quiet woods and crunchy snow gave away our positions too easily.....was tough getting ahead of the bunnies but we did it
  5. .......wish I wasn't working 2moro
  6. http://fm.cnbc.com/applications/cnbc.com/resources/editorialfiles/2012/05/03/2226703_Rem_Doc_02.pdf Remington knew about the problem in 1946 from Walker the original designer of the trigger assy but never changed the design because they could save a few cents each gun
  7. Not a he said/she said or an anti-gun propaganda......I personally witnessed two times (1997 & 1998) Remington 700 30-06 rifle discharges Both times they were being unloaded after a day of deer hunting....... both times different guns, different hunters (not me) In 1998 at lunch after I was telling the story about my nephews gun going off the year before, one guy in the hunting party said "Impossible, I bought my Rem 700 23 yrs ago and my gun has never discharged on it's own"........at the end of the day while he was unloading as soon as he put the safety in the fire position to unload the gun fired The guns in question have been the older ones with two-position safety.....in order to unload the safety has to be put in the fire position......that's when they go bang......all the newer guns with three position safety are not the questionable ones
  8. Here's my answer to kicker steering, works good...a bit cumbersome to hook up hitchpin out on the water (hanging out back), but easy to pull pin to disengage I leave the main motor off and down
  9. I have hunted in Errol and Milan but not around 13 mile woods, looks like some nice country I AM lucky to have friends to enjoy the "Hounds of Music" http://vid1116.photobucket.com/albums/k571/e-fishin-c/Mobile%20Uploads/2016-01/D3E41721-F2A3-4D8D-AB6B-7BD7C4B9D567_zpsy4jjwhzh.mp4 http://vid1116.photobucket.com/albums/k571/e-fishin-c/Mobile%20Uploads/2016-01/5D699F42-65FC-43F6-9E8F-9130BC9BC12D_zpsga2obx23.mp4
  10. 100%......I invest much of my free time to run/train on weekends in the wild during the off-season, min once a week, many times more.....(if not fishing) my male is AKC Reg, my female came from AKC Reg parents but didn't register her cuz we had her spayed......it only matters if you intend to breed them or run them in field trials
  11. .........Barry, ya beat me to it.......the ole hounds still got it in them
  12. Willy-C

    troll master

    Forgot to mention, I remove my kicker for the winter slumber
  13. Willy-C

    troll master

    I have the Trollmaster pro 2......it came with a tiny electrical connector near the servo motor. I disconnect it under the kicker engine cowling and leave the main control cord and control box right on the boat. At year three I did have a problem with the small connector and installed (soldered) a larger heavy-duty waterproof generic trailer connector
  14. Hit the hares today with a few buddies, first snow in this area......the hounds did over 12 miles and banged three for the pot
  15. Been a good year over here so far, like hunting in Sept/Oct weather lately
  16. I have the Trollmaster pro 2 on a Merc 4-stroke 8hp.....works awesome Though I wouldn't over look the ITroll, they weren't avail when I was in the market for one
  17. Niiiice Driftin swinger...!!! Love those long legged bunny yodelers Cant wait .......come on snow
  18. hard headed= good hunting dogs
  19. My hounds like it bunnyushi style....... no need to cook
  20. Yep, here's a pix of Jusgrinnin and I last weekend http://s77.photobucket.com/user/scunz_2006/media/auto%20resize/20151003_113558_zpsejy6ahsy.jpg.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhEwNMzfms8
  21. Niiiiice Giz.......Jason is DA MAN.!!!! Great way to start the year
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