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  1. I started out in the late 80's with Roemer releases.....I did OK but had troubles with them hanging up or getting tangled and not releasing and gave them up. then got comfortable with the offshore pinch pads till last year when the faster Lake-O trolling was hard to keep them on without setting them off accidently Now I have new chamberlains to try out this weekend
  2. Steve, I have a couple more pix of your rig this am in the bay.....I tried to get your attention as you guys were cruising by
  3. Looks good Dukdog....Looks like you are ready for action...Good call on the prop saver, I made one for mine.....no tangled line on prop yet (knock on wood)
  4. Welcome Matt.....Stripers will be here before ya know it...
  5. #1 is a dropper loop http://www.animatedknots.com/dropperloop/index.php?Categ=fishing&LogoImage=LogoGrog.jpg&Website=www.animatedknots.com Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  6. Willy-C


    .......Welcome Rickski
  7. You guys are killing me.......just finished all ten pages....Awesome looking rigs OK I'll play.......Not much else happening till the thaw arrives Here's my multi-purpose fishing tub. It loves to fish in the ocean as well as dragging junk in sweet water. Lake-O has been the latest belly washer so here's a few pix Gotta sneak in a pix of my buddy Jobsite too
  8. Niiiice Kevin the social aspect is why I like rabbit hunting too
  9. But of course......nothin better to do till the D'Angler gets his belly wet Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  10. Yeowser ......That was an expensive day of fishing
  11. Good thinking, OTW is not a great place to bust your keyster.....
  12. I hear ya about the man cave for winter.....mine is outside too The next few weekends of thaw will be for codgering up some more doodads to fabricate.....I like Dukdogs inspiration of add-ons
  13. Sorry KJ, the way I build things, I'd go broke....it's a labor of love Just find friends with TIG welder, lathe, milling machine and aluminum pipe and bring lots of beer.......
  14. Here's the crew pix of the "Willy's Sea Hare Express" from last sat Members from LOU from left to right..........Jusgrinnin, Willy-C, Rickski, Scunz It's what we do when the boats are under cover from Ole Man Winter.....
  15. Niiiice Puck'rd......I packing up the hounds for a run 2moro, then hopefully on Sun too if the rain will let us.......then it turns to training/fishing/boating season on Apr 1st.....
  16. Winni.....M****ith Bay? Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  17. I stole the idea from the best......hehehe Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  18. Hey, I'm psyched looking at all that open water behind the "spin doctor" Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  19. Adk, I have one of those hydrafoil thingys on mine and it seems to work good....the boat came with it but don't know why they put it on I meant to comment on a previous thread about your sandbag idea: Would a water tank (18-20 gal) mounted near the bow, with a livewell pump and ball valve (to drain) work the same as sandbags? I was thinking about this cuz you could fill the tank with 150# of ballast with the flick of a switch or drain it if the conditions exist on a flat lake......your boat would be lighter to trailer around too after the drain is opened ~WC~
  20. Yes, Powder coated ('speshully in camo) would be cool..!!
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