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  1. When trolling a fly do you always run a flasher?
  2. Thanks for the advice
  3. Looking for recommendations on a handheld VHF radio. I don't make many trips on LO and don't travel out far but would like a radio just in case and to monitor weather channels. Also how far from shore can you go and still have cell coverage? Thx.
  4. We caught 0. But it was good to get out and shake the rust off. Great afternoon to be on the lake.
  5. I don't have all the gear I want but you can't catch em from the couch! Heading To the oak.
  6. Well after trolling around this site for a while and reading other greetings I thought I should say hello. My name is mike and I live on 98 and see many boats heading to the oak. Finally got a boat of my own and getting set up to get there! I haven't fished the lake since I was in highschool 20 years ago. Thanks for all the great info. Keep sharing!!
  7. Absolutely. You will go right by my place. I live in Route 98.
  8. I have a 16 footer as well. Just getting set up. Hopefully make out within the next 2 weeks. I live just north of ya in Elba. Good luck
  9. I haven't fished ontario in 20 years and haven't used dipsy divers. I thought I knew how to set them up until I started reading about fleas. What line should I run to the diver? Then what do I need for a leader? Finally got a boat and trying to get back into it. Any help much appreciated!!
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