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  1. Is it good to fish on the harbour? I've been to Oswego only two times,
  2. OK thank you, I'm coming from Montreal, Canada. I don't want to make all that ride for nothing. We will check the winds forecast before. Thank you so much.
  3. So even if the winds are coming from my shore and I'm fishing in 12 fow, it's going to be a hard time? I have a 19-foot boat, Lund Tyee 2013.
  4. Hi everybody, Is it possible to go out on Lake Ontario if the winds are at about 20 mph? If the winds are from the good side? I might go to Oswego this weekend but they say the winds should come from the side of Oswego, so from the shore to the lake. Would it be possible to fish with winds that strong? Thank you for your advice.
  5. What is stick? Do you mean plastic worm or more like a rapala or storm lures?
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