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  1. I figured it was possible some way. how do you like your elite??
  2. I really like the look of the elite 7 nice looking unit. although do you think it should be a concern that you are no able to update the units software? Do they change much from year to year? i really like the elites just unsure if not being able to update
  3. haha thats sick! wow very clear. are you lorance guys using airmar ducers?
  4. would you recomend buying the unit with out a trandcuer and then going with an airmar ?
  5. I have been doing as much research as i can, most reviews i have found are all bass / inland lake guys .. Figured i might as well ask the pros on here. Whats your thaughts on the Lowrance units Yankee Troller?
  6. Hey guys, I am in the market for a new fish finder / gps unit. I mainly fish for salmon / bows and walley in the great lakes. Looking for something under the 1000$ range. Considering the type of fishing we do im guessing side imaging and down scan are not really needed. Have have been looking into the lorance hds models. or possibly something from hummingbird. I am open to suggestions. Going on a 17ft sylvan deep V. any help or input would be greatly appreciated.
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