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  1. was out sunday. lots of boats out, marked most fish around 100 feet. ended up with a 22lbs king and two nice bows around 6 lbs. great day on the water
  2. was out Saturday from 5:3- till 11. Few shakers in close around 80 feet, Lost a 20+ king just out front of shell pier snapped the line, bye bye brand new lure. Ended up keeping one 6 lbs bow. nice day on the water. tons of boats
  3. aww yeah I was wondering that I know on erie guys still use a channel to chat
  4. fished bronte sat am 5:30 to noon, from 140 fow out to 270 fow, down 30-55 ,pulling ever spoon combo we could come up with and not even a hit. marked a few clouds of bait fish and the odd fish but no takers, None the less was a beauty day on the water, Hopefully things heat up soon.
  5. One of my best times out of bronte last year was after a huge storm when there was a lot of crap in the water kept having to pull and check the lines but was non stop action all am
  6. wow i would like to attend one of Joc's seminars. even better have him set up my unit
  7. right on i will have to try those: fishing mode general eh? i read some guys say run shallow water up to about 150 fow then go to deep water? also when u trun up your chart speed does the display get blotchy?
  8. Hey guys just picked up a new hds7 gen 2. running the 50/200 ducer. looking for some settings you guys run out there?
  9. was out there yesterday, not much going on for us dragged a few small ones that didnt even pull the clip slow day
  10. how does the 50/200 preform in water say up to about 250 ft thats what i have found my self fishing most on lake O and erie is about up to say 75ft or so
  11. Hey guys i just picked up a new lowrance hds7 which came with both ducers the 83/200 and the 50/200. I mainly fish lake o, Huron, and erie trolling. Lookin for some advice from the experts on here as to what one would be best. and or what are most of you running?? Thanks so much!!
  12. i was out there to same area same time, landed two around 25 and two smaller ones, lost 3 head shakers... rods were on fire for a solid hour and then lock jaw hit. other then all the logs and crap in the water the fishing was awsome
  13. is there anyone with some solid trouble free hrs on the elite 7?
  14. hmmm now im really reconsidering. really like the elite7 but with all these power probs im once again unsure what to get
  15. lol you still havnt pulled the trigger yet ADK1?
  16. come on somone else has to have some input on this looking to get a new graph this week and still having a hard time deciding looking to spend fomr 600-800 any suggestions?
  17. Hey guys wondering your thoughts on DSI units, is it worth the extra coin for this option? Most my fishing is manly trolling for salmon. bows. and eyes. Id love to hear from you DSI owners
  18. im in the same boat, lookin into the elite 7 , so you guys think DSI isnt worth it for salmon trolling?
  19. did u get HDI? how deep does it work? anyone have a line where to purchases these from
  20. i agree with you! something about the elite i loveeee the screen size and simple operation are you leaning towards HDI?
  21. After much research and humming around i have came down to between the humminbird 858 and the elite 7 hdi can anyone recomned one over the other? I mainly fish the great lakes (trolling).. How deep does the down scan work? Im leaning towards the elite 7 but i would like some input from you guys
  22. Hey guys once again i am looking to expand on my spoon collection. I was wonder what size of spoons is most common, something in the 3.75 ? or the mags 4.75?? i guess in a perferct world i would get each colour in both sizes but if i was to get just one size what would you recomend
  23. whats the differences between the hds and the elite other then process speed? aslo how deep does the down scan work
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