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  1. Was out monday morning first thing with the "part timer" and went 1 for 4 before 6am . Could not get all the rods set up before they were hit , as it was non stop action from 530-6. fish hitting hookless fly teasers and releasing balls and dipsy, but not hitting fly with hook. I was going to put a hook on each teaser fly , but the "Part timer" told me it was against the law , and you were only allowed so many hooks per line ( not sure the number) but we left it with store bought fly which is a treble and single. We had 5 more fish hit the teaser fly but were only able to bring in one 20lbs on the cheater of all things. good luck.
  2. I was out friday with the "part timers, and ss minnow" and all three boats got but a few small ones. We fished in all waters with every rig available to man. lots of crap in the waters up to 130 fow , and maybe the reason the bite was off. good luck
  3. was out today and had a huge one his my wire line and took 700 feet non stop, and my wire got caught up in reel and the fish broke my 38lb test . So if anyone catches my spin doctor and fly plus 175 feet of wire let me know. Very frustrating to say the least. it pays to fish with the "part timers" !!!!
  4. I am on my way to fish with the " Part Timers" , any info on where those big ones were caught in Bronte ? fow,depth,lures, speed??
  5. great stuff , happy girl friend happy captain . any info on ,lure, speed, location? was out last night and got 4 for 4 but only needed net for one a teen
  6. Was out last night as well and had a teen on but shook the bait. Only one hit in three hours ours. fishing west of shell pier in 130fow. need to save and make the run west!!!
  7. i was out yesterday in PortCredit and washed all day. Was out in 350 feet at 63F , but nothing . Tried everything and nothing hit. I will be heading to the islands next to give that a crack, and see what i can stur up. Water is very cold in shallow, so not sure where to target them.
  8. It would be determined by speed . At 25mph it would take about 1.5 hour run!! I will also be making the run to at least the islands .
  9. Was out sunday in Bronte and had a good but long day. Had 4 good kings 19-22lbs but released all. most of the big ones were in 150 feet down 30-45 feet. Good luck.
  10. Was out with 'LeVanthe8man " yesterday morning and we caught 6 small Salmon in deep water 200-250, and down 40-60 feet with green and blue flies. We also fished in 150 feet down 140feet and picked up a great laker over 10lbs. However we are still in the hunt for the Salmon over 15lbs.
  11. i have been out a number of times and only found fish in deep water over 200 feet. Any one getting them in close.
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