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  1. We Have to all Jump on Board if we want to save our Fishery, maybe some kind of Petition or something of that Nature, Good Fishing Brings Good Money to The Area and Helps out Bait shops restaraunts, Hotels, etc etc etc. wich in turn Creates jobs feeds Families and Increases peoples Happiness!! Same with Trout and Salmon, and also walleye having Lake ontario in our Back yard is a true Asset we need to Fight to keep it that way, I Know Ken at Bayside Bait and Tackle works very Hard to try and Build population of fish and contact the Right people, and Also A Club I Belong to,genesee Charter Boat association, we Do Pen Rearing and stocking for Trout and Salmon every year, we could always use More,Members,Volunteers and Donations to Keep the Great Fishery that we Have Going, you can find us on facebook or at Genesse CharterBoat association,You Do not Have to Be a Charter Captain to Join. ..Thanks,marty
  2. Just curious if anyone is catching any Smallies in the Lake near genny or I Bay? Been slow the last couple years, wondering if there is any Hope for a Comeback?
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