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  1. Well they finally started dredging Braddocks bay channel this week! I went out twice with no problems !
  2. GOOD NEWS FOR BRADDOCKS BAY, After I posted my blog last friday (BRADOCKS BAY WARNING) I had over 2,000 hits so I decited to get the latest update on the bay’s channel. I talked to the town of Greece prodject planner and he is working with the US ARMY CORE OF ENGINEERS. He said they were going to start working on the channel in the next couple of weeks.They did dredge the channel last year but did not finish because of high water,what they are going to do is widen the existing channel to be 150feet wide and two foot deeper (last year when they dredged it was between 5' & 6’deep) TIGHT LINES & SAFE BOATING TO ALL!
  3. It’s not the Marina , the State just spent 9 million to build a new break wall and dredged the channel . It was supposed to fix the problem !!!
  4. On the inside of the markers (on the east side of the channel) it ranged from 3’ to 6’ .Same old scenario sand in the channel from a predominantly west wind .
  5. We put in @ the new marina , Beware the new Channel out to the lake has a 4 inch steel pole bent over and is about 6 inches out of the water right in the center of the channel ,I was talking to a charter boat captain he said he ran aground on the west side of the new channel and also warned me about the pipe that’s bent over in the center of the channel . He did report it ! STAY ON EAST SIDE OF THE CHANNEL GOING IN AND OUT Besides that we had at fairly good day fishing went 8 for 10 on spoons 6 feet of water just west of the bay IN 2 1/2 hrs
  6. Thanks, That's what I thought , I've been troling between 1.8 & 2.3
  7. I was wondering, What is a good speed for spring browns using sticks? Thanks, Puul North Greece,ny
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