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  1. I prefer the big boards any time I can use them. I often fish alone and I'll usually run one side and a few lines off it. I use the inlines when I have to. I have reels mounted to my big boat and run a mast off my little 16. 4 thumb screws and the mast is down in 30 seconds. Again, this works for me. Many swear by the inlines.
  2. Internetoutboards.com Part number: RECKIT200689.8KIT For 2006 and newer 8/9.8hp 4-strokes $169.99 If its anything like the kit I installed on my Honda it's an easy job.
  3. It might be worth shooting Big Jon an email via their website. They used to have a link to "factory second" Otterboats. I can't remember what they charged but it was worth it. I grabbed a set for a friend and they were identical to mine. Maybe a slight color variation if that.
  4. You will love that motor. The sail-pro version has some nice features for fishing too (alternator/charging system, long shaft, and HT prop already installed). The 4/5/6hp will give you more vibration than the 8hp and up because they're single cylinder, but I always found it easy to live with and not really noticeable unless under heavy load (not trolling). I think Yamaha axed the last of the twin cylinder 6's in '09 (weighed 83lbs... lol). I put a new Nissan 9.8 on my boat three seasons ago (elect. start, charger,...) and added the HT prop before even hitting the water. It replaced an '02 Honda that always seemed to have "issues", one after another. The Nissan is a dream. Starts quick, is quiet, runs very smooth, and is great on fuel. Pushes my 21' W/A easily in any conditions. Just added another last week. Got a 5hp Tohatsu as a kicker for my 16' aluminum. I couldn't beat the price ($1050 shipped/no tax) and 5yr warranty. Plus have a serviceable dealer 15min away in Buffalo. Can't wait to try her. I had issues with tee-ing into my main outboard line. I ended up running my main fuel line into a separator/filter and using the two "out" ports off the filter. For $28 it solved my problems and added more protection for my motors. Wish I would have done it from the start. Oh- and like others have said... Tohatsu, Nissan, and Mercury (under 40hp) are all Tohatsu's. Merc usually made a "cooler" looking cowl to throw on theirs, but now I think Tohatsu has them beat with their redesign in 2012.
  5. I'm in the process of setting up the same thing. The GoPro HD Hero 3 has shown some good rigger footage but the unit it really chunky and seems like it would create a ton of drag. It's also expensive and there is a company that makes a housing for it (trollpro) and I think that's like $140 too. So figure you might me in at least $350 with the camera. There is good rigger footage (I'd say on-par with the GoPro Hero3) from the Contour Roam camera. Reviews say the first version has identical video capture as the newer Roam2. The Roam is only like $110 from Amazon and the waterproof case is like $30. It's a much slimmer profile so I'm figuring less drag. You'd just have to fashion your own rigger mount to your ball/cable.
  6. I tried uncoated cable with my cannon S-N-T and it was horrible. None of the fish-hawks need coated as they use a transducer to communicate and not cable. I actually miss my old 800 because of that.
  7. Hey guys- thanks for the responses. I actually found a deal on a left-over 2012 Tohatsu. Hard to beat their price and now 5yr warranty. My '05 9.8 Nissan (Tohatsu makes all Nissan's as well as Mercury's below 40hp) with the high-thrust prop is a dream on my bigger rig. It's really nice that they offer HT props for the little 4/5/6hp as well as 8/9.8 kickers. Thanks again everybody.
  8. Hi there. I'm looking for a small 4-6hp 4-stroke kicker. Maybe even a 3.5. It's just to go on my 16' rig for the lower Niagara in the winter and small inland waters. I hate just having my electric as my only backup and would like to troll with it too. I have a new 9.8 4-stroke on my main rig but it's just overkill and too heavy. Thanks
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