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  1. Am back from Bowmanville. Was there for the weekend ( june 24-26). Fishing was GREAT! Fish were mostly in 90-140 fow and on the top. Most fish were in only 30-45 feet. Caught most fish on leadline with green/jellow and green/chartreuse spoons. Did very good east of Newcastle in 110 fow and in front of the Power Plant in 93 fow. Most King's were in the 18-22 pound range, biggest was 22,5 pounds. Steelheads were good size too, with an avarage size of 9-12 pounds. Many poeple reported tons of Steelheads in the Blue Zone (400 fow) and caught them on the top in 30-35 feet. A friend of mine went out there and caught 13 Steelheads in one hour!!! Great start for the2016 season ...will be back soon! We did good with 8 big King's and 8 nice Steelheads. Caught about 7 shakers...all small Chinook....but they don't count! Some footage can be found on You Tube soon at FISHINGQUEBEC ADVENTURE !
  2. How deep would you go and how deep should I set my DR mid-june? Last year at this period I was in 170-200 fow and hit some steelheads in 50 to 70 feet. Has the action started yet?
  3. Will be fishing in Port Darlington for a couple days next weekend (june 23-26). Any fishing report available at this time? Am looking for Salmon and Steelheads... Thank's!
  4. Hi all, I am fishing for some informations for spring action in Port Darlington (Bowmanville) or Port Hope. I never fished the lake early, usually I start my fishing season mid-june. I was woundering if there is good Steelhead or King Salmon fishing in that area in mai? I am not really looking for Lakers nore Browns. Would be nice if you could share your experience and let me know where to steer my boat? I suppose that the fish are still in shallow waters 50-150 fow zone. Are the steelheads back in the lake or still up in the rivers? Please let me know the best areas for spring fishing and the best tackle to use etc... As I am 8 hours away from Bowmanville...would be nice to be directed by some advised fisherman and not loose my time travelling that far for nothing! Hope to hear from you soon. Regards: Roger
  5. Hi Gilbert, I live in St-Augustin-de-Desmaures near Québec-City. Would be great if we can plan a fishing trip together. I have a Princecraft Super Pro 176 boat. Let me know if you are interested, we can meet on our way near Montréal and travel together. It is my first year on Lake Ontario... would be nice to learn and share experience together. Send me an email at ([email protected]) if interested. Roger
  6. Hi to all Steelhead and King Fisherman. I am new to Steelhead and Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario as I fished those species with flies in rivers for more then 10 years in the past (mostly in Pulaski,NY). I will start to fish lake Ontario this year and was wondering if the Steelhead and salmon fishing has realy started in the Port Darlington or Port Hope area??? I would like to travel this comming weekend with by 15 years old twins. Is it too soon??? Any help on where and how to start my first salmon fishing season on Lake Ontario would be helpfull. I tied many many flies in various colors and can't wait to try them behind a SpinDoctor... Regards: Roger Weber
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