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  1. Hey Guys,


    Looking for some info/feedback on the best trolling reels that folks have used. I’ve been using Okuma Magda MA 30D reels on the downrigger rods.... Daiwa Accudepth 47LC reels on the diver rods. Some of them are 15+ years old and I think it’s time to upgrade.


    I’ve looked at Shimano Tekotas online ($200+). And Okuma Coldwaters ($109). Are there any others I should take a look at? Let me know what you guys think.







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  2. It is interesting to me on the fine tuning. I spent my first season really trying diff things with it and had moderate success. Last 3 years though I have used minions and big weenies and haven’t touched it. Just put it down and leave it there and it has been my go to. I will say though that on our boat I do not get many hits over 2.3 on our fishhawk down speed. I try to always be between 2-2.2 when running a lot of meat. Seems slow but the rods pop
    Good luck! Don’t give up on it

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    Maybe that’s the key... I’ve been running 2.2-2.6 on the cannon speed/temp unit

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  3. Dan1, I have fished with meat off and on for the past 5 years, not a hit on it. This year I committed to running it regardless of activity.
    First trip this year caught 5/6 on meat. Game on, we were in Olcott for 17 days fished 6 days. Caught 32 fish, 1/2 of the fish came on meat.
    Make sure your meat if tuned and running correctly. I think either I was not paying close enough attention to the spin of the meat or something was
    wrong in my setup. I am sold on meat now.

    Sounds like some good fishing! I appreciate the advice, I will adjust till it works

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  4. Dan1-Take the time to dial those meat rigs- it will pay big dividends! They are really very easy to run. A lot of people over think stuff on this site- I completely understand not running something you have no confidence in but next year add one to your spread- it’s the only way to learn but once you do you will be very pleased- GL

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    Thanks for the advice! Last time out I ran a twinkie rig about 48” long behind an 11” pro-troll flasher. Depending on work schedule I might be able to get out again on the weekend of the 7th. I will make some adjustments and see how it goes!

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  5. Fished from 6am-430 pm. Was 12-17 in 550 fow. 2 were big Steelies. Few Kings around 12 and biggest was 18. Mostly on 400 or 500 copper meat rigs. Few good ripper bites on dipsy with spoons but all got off quickly. Had a pretty good day again. Did pretty much same yesterday but more steelies. Mainly on rigger at 74 on carbon 14 spoon. We r gonna hit it again in the morning.

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    Damn, 550 is out there. Any LOC sized steel out there?

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  6. 11 hours ago, NymphO said:

    We pounded the inside. Temps were awful. It was actually cold on the boat out there today. 60-160 was ice top to bottom. 360-400 was 44 down 35 and there was actually a pile of marks on the graph. Amazing the difference in view when you zoom to top 40fow on the graph. We had a terrible streak of losses today went 2/7. Wish ladyO was a little flatter today and my ladies and I would have been out deep. Did take one great hit, unlike any other dipsy hit I've ever seen. Rod was buried in the water...... And that same rod will never be the same !

    Also. Our big fish of the day came on a 9 color with, well, a Long A bomber.



    Damn! Must’ve been a beast. We had a slow one yesterday. Nothing happening inside. Trolled north and finally hooked up in 320’. Ended up 3/3... two kings and a steelhead. Spoons 45’ down on the riggers, divers went untouched all morning.


    Did anyone make it out this morning? 

  7. 41 minutes ago, NorthRiver said:

    As far as releasing fish, I am no expert but try a few simple things. The small ones never come in the boat and the hook is removed while they are in the net over the side of the boat. The short fight keeps them lively enough to go right back. The larger ones are handled as little as possible, usually just for a quick pic at most. Then a boga type grip on a short lead for a few minutes over the side of the boat while resetting lines. They get released from the grip when they look ready. No idea what success rate is but i have yet to see one go belly up at least when in sight. This style of fishing is certainly a tough setting to use catch and release for sure. I do keep one occasionally for the grill :).


    Yeah it's been hit or miss the last few trips out, had to throw some of the larger ones on the grill lol. I appreciate the info I'll give that a try  

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