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  1. Port credit was slow, 6 bows and I salmon22lb in 3 days. We were just too early this year. Still had a blast and it wasn't work!!!!!! Stayed at the credit village marina and had no issues. Very pretty area of town. I will be here again.
  2. Thank, yes we're are new at this too. This is our third year and we are from the North Bay Area. Thanks for the info it's very helpful. Hopefully the water warms up by the time we get there on Tuesday. If you see a black Alumacraft with a 150 mercury, that's us.
  3. Is the fishing picking up on the North shore anywhere from Hamilton to Pickering? If so what are you catching? Thanks everyone!!!
  4. How do you search for past posts like you mentioned? I've been trying with no luck. Thanks again!!!
  5. Hi everyone, Every year we fish the Scarborough bluffs early to mid July for trout and Salmon. This year we decided to try something different and fish near Port Credit in mid June. Normally, how is the fishing on Lake Ontario near Port Credit at that time of year? Should we go somewhere different to up our chances? Thanks
  6. I'm from the North Bay Ontario area. We go to Lake Ontario every July for our annual fishing trip. This year we will try mid June in the Port Credit ? I hope you guys can guide me in the right direction as I'm a little nervous about going so early. Hope we can find the salmon and bows:)
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