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  1. 5 hours ago, HB2 said:

    Is that 60 k before the benefit package ? 


    If a lot are making less than a lot are making more if that's the median . 


    To pay for that retirement , 1 million dollars + would have to be invested to fully fund that at 6% return . Does the state have that ? We all know that answer . So who pays that 42 year old till he lives to 100 + the way life span gets older ? Sure he earned it but it needs to get paid for . Where does that money come from ? There are only so many rich people the state can shake down . And they are leaving in drpves and taking their state income tax bill with them . Which leaves it to the rest of us.  

    Tom Gallisiono took 11.5 million to Fla. For just one . 



    That 60k is just wages not benefits. Also NYS does not take state taxes from state retirement. I'm also curious if that 60 includes all police (town/village cops) or just state troopers? I don't think the difference in 20 and out vs 25 and out is causing a recruiting issue. They have issues with recruiting troopers and have had to lower standards. Maybe the state needs to do a better job of showing these jobs in a higher light and people would want to be an eco or a trooper. 

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  2. I've used snap weights many times up to 10oz. Only lost one lead do to my error. I think they are a great option if fishing solo. It allows you to take the weight off and still reel the fish in close to the boat to be able to net it. I think it's a cheaper alternative to lead core or copper. 

  3. Maybe they should go ruffle some feathers on the DSR area!!!! This would move this issue right up the chain pretty quickly lol. I love how some people claim that this was their way of life and do it ceremoniously, well even Europeans hunted and fished to feed their families. I have no issues them exercising their rights but come on spearing and netting Pacific salmon in NYS. These fish didn't even exist here until the 1960's some 200YEARS after these treaties. 

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  4. 22 hours ago, Tall Tails said:

    It is a slippery slope allowing politicians to be involved in game management decisions.....  It doesn't really matter which side of the isle you are on with the Holiday hunt. 

    Yes and you can look no further than this past fall with the new youth hunt when Erie county legislator's pass the measure only to be vetoed by the county executive.

  5. I don't often post pictures but this was definitely one of the most memorable opening days for me. My dad was able to take one of his biggest bucks next to my uncle's tree stand, who passed away earlier this fall. And my daughter was able to shoot her first deer. 


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  6. 12 hours ago, Mrm31790 said:

    Why is the water so low

    With low snow pack through the season and combined with them letting out so much water through the gates for the last year because the water was so high previous years. 

  7. 18 hours ago, Gill-T said:

    Four mile trek this morning in four inches of snow at Bush Hill state land and never cut a track. Frustrated. I am hoping COVID has not affected deer numbers. I am not seeing the typical deer numbers, not hearing shots, and have yet to see a deer on a car. Mild winters should have more critters out there 



    The Amish are starting to put a dent in bush hill and farmersville state forest. I was born and raised there and have seen decline there in recent years too. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Tall Tails said:

    I lease two pieces that border each other.  One thru a leasing company with insurance is 18.50 an acre and the other where we purchase the insurance our self is 12.00 an acre.  I don't like the fact that the leasing company raises the rate 3% every year.  At some point it wont be worth leasing or I will have to add another person to offset the difference. 

    Yes 10-20 an acre is normal. I agree that 3% yearly is crap especially if tax rates don't go up 3%. And some lease companies put a limit on how many guys can be on lease. We had to drop a lease this year because it just got too expensive because of the hunter cap limit and the raised cost.

  9. As a landowner in afford mentioned county and lived here my entire life. (Not the owner of this property lol) I can probably say the guy was just trying to figure on people trespassing and this way if any of the people were people he had talked to he has a leg to stand on when talking to the ECO or law enforcement. Last year I had a terrible time with trespassing and even had group trying to do a deer drive. Just thought they wouldn't get caught. I actually called the DEC and they said even with posted signs local judges don't do much with it but if they were spoken to before and still came on your property it was more prosecutable.

  10. On 6/22/2020 at 9:04 PM, thork9 said:

    Bass boats with their auto live wells spread evasive species, fleas for one, takes two weeks to dry out to kill fleas or wash with hot water ya right. Ya 250 hp, gas peddle,60 lb fishing line to catch a 1 1/2 lb bass. 

    Lmao this is so true

  11. I sure hope the charter captains get a life line out of this stimulus bill. Can't see how a charter boat would be considered essential business. Although Cuomo is allowing golf courses to open. We had a vacation in May scheduled for Tennessee. The hotel called us and said that they were closing we will have to reschedule our vacation. We were already thinking about cancelling any ways. Hope people just use common sense........I know that's asking a lot now a days.

  12. 22 hours ago, Gill-T said:

    Sounds like damage from last weekend of deer drives where people are taking shots at running deer Brian. 

    My brother found this deer yesterday and we figure it was from Sunday when there was a big deer drive on adjoining property and plenty of shooting. Makes you a little sick. 


  13. 2 hours ago, Eastforkmarine said:

    There is no crossbow privileges, muzzle loader only , which Allows you to use the crossbow only if you have filled out and carry with you the Crossbow Certificate of Qualification on page 23 of the 2019-2020 regulatory guide . And yes you can use Regular season buck tag so technically you can tag two bucks , I’m trying to after not killing one yet ...hope this helps clear it up ?Goodluck Boys and Girls IMG_4723.JPG

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    I'm pretty sure they did this so you keep hunters interested in staying in the woods till the end of muzzleloader. With Hunter population down (in some areas) it gives someone who didn't kill a buck in archery but got one in gun or vice versa the second chance on another buck. For some hunters that's all they'll shoot are bucks.             ( Although not sure why taking a doe here and there isn't a bad thing.) 

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