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  1. Hello, I am going on a camping trip to the Niagara falls area and plan on doing some tent camping and lots of fishing. I need some advice on some good spots, lures or bait and best places. I cant afford a charter and Im not sure if I can afford a rental boat so it may be shore fishing in the lake and river. I would like to get some trout or salmon if possible. I will be there between the 8th and 13th of June. Thanks in advance for your help. Frank, Bowmanstown PA
  2. thanks for the info, I will definitely look into it. Money always matters,
  3. I may have gave the wrong impression, I have fished for many years just not for salmon or brown trout in a real lake. Thank you for the response and advice. Will do
  4. Could you give me a name of a town or fishing spot location ? and what is the best lures or bait to use ? thanks,,much apreciated
  5. Thanks, that was very very informative. Any ideas on a good charter boat and price ? from the sounds of it shore fishing is pretty good as the melt starts.
  6. When will the season start, I'm a first timer and need lots of advice. I would like to know about charters, prices, shore fishing. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks Longline, nice to have access to support and advicefrom people who know. I'm looking for a few trips up there this summer.
  8. Thanks whaler1, much apreciated. I went to salmon river last fall, what a mess that place is. I really want to catch some salmon and the lake trout, I've been fishing for many years but never anything like this.
  9. I'm a first timer for big lake fishing this summer, can I catch salmon and trout from shore? Some beginner info would be great. Bait, line test, ect. Thanks
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