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  1. Sk8man, it's in Port Hope, Ontario. The river is called the Ganaraska. They see a great steelhead run each Spring and salmon fishing in fall is amazing as well. Check out a clip from this season at its peak... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151874420546140&set=p.10151874420546140&type=2&theater
  2. Happy you're enjoying it! And ya, I'm a lucky man:) Really lucky
  3. We have a few gopro 3's and a sony nex 5r, they shared use, the sony has better audio and the gopros are just so easy to use in any condition- but audio is tough with the case on... lots of post-production work in editing to balance it all out!
  4. Hi! My fiancee and I are world traveling angling enthusiasts (more me than her:) but she's a genius with the camera and editing so check us out!
  5. I agree with it being a Chincoho hybrid. Port Hope has seen an amazing coho run this season and I have no doubt that the Ganaraska river system produces many hybrids, given its small size and high concentration of fish Thanks for the replies and I'll be posting the full length fishing TV episode in the upcoming month Here is the link to the episode teaser from our trip to Brazil: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151420620191604&set=vb.581431603&type=2&theater
  6. one more thing... here's a link to a fishing video teaser that my wife and I made from our last trip to Brazil We're releasing it in full length soon, along with a new episode from Lake Ontario salmon fishing as soon as we work out the music rights Enjoy in HD! And please comment and or share- it's good for our rep:) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151420620191604&set=vb.581431603&type=2&theater
  7. It still has not got the big run, many fish stacked around 40 feet and under, waiting to run... Cobourg is empty but the ganny is holding fish top to bottom, but not in large numbers. Lots of cohos:)
  8. Hello again- interesting to hear all the replies! Here's one more picture to show the hump- which is the main thing that made me think it was a coho.. I know the quality is bad, but it's all I have. I'm extracting these stills from iphone video, which is always grainy at night.
  9. Lots of quick replies to this! Thanks for the input... here's 2 more pics- and it actually has white-ish gums (Chincoho?) and the hump makes it almost look like a spawned sockeye... I caught more cohos this season than in the past decade, but all under 10lbs... since this was over 15, I'd like to think that it was a large coho:) Regardless, it was a fun catch Thanks for the input and here's my biggest king of the year- 33.03lbs on the tournament scale (on the right)
  10. Hi everyone, just a quick fish ID question. I caught this off the pier in Port Hope a couple weeks ago, and looking at the video playback, it appears to be a coho... I thought it was a king when I landed it, but it was so dark I didn't give it a close enough look I'd just like to know Your feedback is appreciated
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