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  1. For sale: 

    32 duck decoys including 28 mallards, 3 hen wigeon, 1 drake wigeon, 1 drake gw teal. 52 goose decoys including 4 high quality full body feeders with felt heads and stands, 24 high quality shells with felt heads in multiple positions, 10 lower quality shells, 4 high quality floaters with felt heads in multiple positions, 10 older floaters of lower quality a couple of which are made of foam and can use a coat of spray paint. Most of the floating decoys are rigged with weights. 5 decoy bags of varying sizes, decoy weights, a goose flag, and 2 final approach layout blinds. Blinds have some mouse damage. Most decoys are on good condition with some like new. All of this would cost around 1500 new. Serious inquiries only I would prefer to sell as a package. $700.00. I am in Marion, NY. Local pick up or we could meet part way. 







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  2. I have a Diawa Saltist 50lch on my diver rod. A 1000ft spool of wire doesn't fill up the spool so the line counter is not accurate. I need to know what I type of backing I should use, how much to use and how to attach it to the wire. 

  3. So yesterday I almost lost my Cannon STX 10 rigger. The bottom of the actual downrigger itself broke. This is the fifth year of them on my boat. There's always been some bounce being that it's an aluminum boat Etc. The downrigger is in a track with a riser. Any suggestions on ensuring this never happens again would be great. The power cord kept the downrigger from being lost forever. But I did lose a brand new rod and a Daiwa saltist reel.20200709_134911.jpeg


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  4. Thanks for the info. My flooring and adhesive have arrived. I had no idea the flooring would be so stiff it doesn't wrap around the doghouse well. I have been fighting for the best thing to do with this doghouse and should have asked here to begin with. I first used truck bed-liner, lasted two seasons looked like ****. Next was exterior paint, well those scales stick to that paint and it does not last, two seasons later I am trying something new again. Any suggestions would be great, I would like the next thing I use to last. Do not want to use carpet but it may be the best solution. Not sure about the vinyl so looking for ideas suggestions before I cut the vinyl and can not return it.  Thanks. 

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