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  1. I appreciate all the replies.Seems like a good group of guys on here.I'll make sure to get back to everyone.Short on time tonight the mrs. is demanding attention haha.
  2. I just wanna say thank you for the recipe.We didn't have Salmon,but i used haddock,dry scallops,and little neck clams and it was the best chowder i've ever had.My gf doesn't like fish and she loved it as well..Can't wait for the cookbook.Thanks again!
  3. Seems like i'm always on the wrong end of the lake haha
  4. Its a hell of a hunting area i've busted ass on the farm many hours to get it where it is today.have killed 40's 50's-60 inch deer off it last four years.I don't even let family hunt on it haha..
  5. I also have a private 600 acre farm thats been managed for big deer for 15 years that i would let the right person bow hunt on in exchange for what i'm looking for.
  6. I thought someone would jump on this..guess wishful thinking haha..
  7. I've been wanting to have a fishing boat on Ontario for years.I recently decided to pull the trigger and get a boat.I'm going to be fishing out of mexico.Heres the catch..I don't know jack squat about fishing ontario.Although i've been out with charters a lot over the years i never really learned much.The boat is fully outfitted with top of the line gear and electronics i just spent five years savings outfitting it.What i'm looking for is a guy thats highly experienced and knowledgable to come fish with me and teach me what i need to know and i'll cover all the costs,tackle,fuel etc..The bigger reason for all of this is so i have something to do with my son as he grows up.Anyways,if your interested drop me a line.
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