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  1. Does anyone have any reports for Oswego they would be willing to post? Hoping to get up there soon. Thanks in advance
  2. I'm heading up to Oswego tonight to troll for the next 3 days. Does anyone have any reports from the last couple days they would be willing to post? Thanks in advance
  3. Adk1 if the chart you printed an laminated was the dive chart from the Luhr Jensen company then yes it was for 20lb mono an not wire.
  4. Thanks, that chart is just what I was looking for. Now I can compare it to the chart for 20lb mono an see what the difference is. Sorry for posting in this section, I guess this should have been posted under Questions about Trout & Salmon Trolling. Maybe the moderators want to move it to that section. Chris
  5. On the dive charts I see for Dipsey Divers they are shown for using 20lb mono. Does anyone have an idea of approximately what percent deeper they will run when using wire line? Thanks in advance Chris
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