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  1. NEWBIE here lol ... What is a "hammer" fly and a "NBK" spoon. I know what a fly and spoon are but not sure about specifics.
  2. I went out of Golden Hill this weekend. I was out for 5 hours with no hits. I'm fairly new to Lake Ontario fishing. I was out 220-280 FOW, marking fish mostly 45-55 down. I had both riggers set at many different depths throughout the day, ranging from 40-80. I was running flasher fly combos, one was white board with pink and blue dots, similar colored fly. The other was blue and green spin doctor, with similar fly. Are there any colors that are proving to be more productive than others? I would really like to get into some fish!
  3. I'm running 20# Sent from my VS840 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Yes, they are in the river, all the way up to devils hole. I went to the lower last weekend, and lost about 60-70$ worth of tackle before I quit. I will be heading to Olcott this Friday on my boat. I hope to get out by 6pm, and stay till 1-2am. Ill be running deep divers, J-plugs, kwik fish and might just plop some skein in the water too.
  5. Thanks for the input, I'm trying to minimize the amount of poles I buy, and have the most versatility between Erie and Ontario. Currently I bottom bounce and run dipsy's in Erie, but I want to be rigged to do everything. I want to use my down riggers, dipsy divers, planner boards, combined with copper mono and lead core. I'm just assuming I will need to have 10-12 poles to do this. My two current poles are running 20# mono, and they produced for me, this being my first year on the water. I was able to run bottom bouncers and dipsy's on them in Erie. I'm thinking they would be adequate for my down rigger, but haven't tried them. Like I said, I'm trying to have the most versatile combos set up, so I don't have 10+ poles on a 16 ft boat. What would be an ideal planner board size for walleye and salmon that doesn't incorporate the mast setup? Also what size cannon balls for Erie and Ontario. I realize there are some Erie questions on here, but for some reason my computer wont connect to the "Walleye Community Forum" lately. Any more input is appreciated, please remember I'm very new to this, just trying to educate myself. Thanks
  6. Ok I'm looking into rigging up for next summer. I don't have a huge budget, but I want to get into some kings in the lake. Pier and stream fishing is getting old. I have 2x Okuma Magda 30DX for lake erie walleye, and they work fine. I know they are entry level reels, but would they work for lake Ontario salmon? I'm looking at getting 6x combos, 2x 45DX with 5 color, 2x 45DX with 10 color, and 2x 45DX with copper. Would these be ok for getting my feet wet with some lakers? Thanks
  7. I was out on the east pier 9-20 as well. I was with about 10 people, staged about 20 ft. from the path. We had bottles tipping all over, but my "salmon virgin" friend landed his first ever, 18.5 lbs, 36". He was super excited. Friday was super nice, I should have took the boat out. Still undecided on what to do and where to go next weekend.
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