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  1. I am very impressed of the healthy state of King fishing in the Eastern Lake Ontario Region. How is the big lake fishing directly after the Salmon run? I assume the bay is still good for steelies, brown's and ho's late into the Fall?
  2. makes sense the way you guys now describe it ... my intuition was opposite. This detail will save me setup times and snags in the future . Thanks
  3. we do fish champlain. the landlock salmon are beautiful fish. the lakers are lazy. it will be hard to pretend we are "fighting" a fish, after experiencing the power of the Chinook. I wonder why they call them KINGS ....
  4. we stayed away from the pack of experienced King fishermen, but followed their general guidance. In general, we fished the 130 depth. Temp was at about 100. Riggers at 85 to 115. Dodger and fly was the only presentation that worked. Dipsy's were best for perimeter lines. Purple and Black magnums were best for us. In honor of America's- team, the Packer fly worked very well for us. we tried to hold a 2.3-2.7 speed at the balls, but difficult with waves and our somewhat small aluminum boat. We. We had one great hookup on copper,; he stripped most of our backing. When we tightened the drag, he merely straightened out one of our stainless swivels; lost our favorite sentimental flasher and fly
  5. my assumption was always longer leads were a less disturbing presentation ; assuming the canon ball itself would be a scare to weary Kings. Why do most of you recommend short leads? Snags with other gear perhaps?
  6. My son and I are very thankful to several Pulaski Captains and Mates. We made a somewhat "rookie" trip to the Gulf-of-Mexico this past weekend. Due primarily to the accurate guidance of many generous fishermen, we caught 3 good kings and a small brown. We had 4-5 others break our gear; IMPRESSIVE !!! We even made a Dipsy work for us; we were previously feeding it out too fast. We made many mistakes, but learned many more valuable lessons. We are very impressed with the character of Pulaski Captains and Mates. It will be difficult for us to go back after the tiny relatives of salmon that live in Vermont. THANK YOU PULASKI !!!!
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