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  1. Got back an hour ago we got one king at around 300 FOW about 100 ft down with green spin dr and green atomic fly
  2. Wait till I hit about 100 FOW drop some flies and go
  3. Goin to go out right now and head straight out of Shute and just start trollin can't sit around the cottage anymore
  4. Markin plenty of fish just havin trouble catching them
  5. We've been runnin at like 2.0~2.5 sometimes 3 if its rough we don't have a probe to get the down temp so I guess we'll keep trying
  6. Went out early this mornin markin fish from 90 to 140. In 210 ft using green atomic fly with green spin dr and green spin dr with some meat and a big dipsey at 300.... Didn't even have a hit anyone got any suggestions
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