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  1. Best part about this set up is it is not attached all the time like a slid diver. Put a red off shore clip on the trip and just attach it. It works just the same as always then u un clip it when fish is on. Try it out, you will be amazed. also you can store and run with dipsy rods without having to wrap up a dipsy as not to tangle. Can break down rods whatever. All u need is a leader tied on to the braid. no more swingging dipsys. There may be a way to do this with wire. Im not used to wire so i dont reallg know. Dont know the wire yet. The ins n outs, the dos and donts. But im thinking. Any lead length you like or the fish prefer is nice. Like set backs off the rigger. Let the fish tell ya what they like rather than a fixed length. Anyone think it could work with wire? Im telling you it works the same clipping it on as run in-line like usual.
  2. Ok. Yeah it still trips like normal the way we do it. Just gives you a longer lead length. Any length. 50, ' 20' whatever. thread on lead from dip to spinny got me thinking.
  3. Im a lake erie guy and we often attach a red off shore clip to a large split ring then to the dipsy release. In the clear waters off geneva / ashtabula we will let the lure out 20 feet and then just clip on the set dipsy with a wrap behind the pin in the pad. The dipsy works just the same. Fish on reel to dipsy, take it off like you would a board and reel to fish. Works great. Actually think it dives a hair deeper because there is not a lure pulling so close behind it.............So question is, anyone here do this? on wire i would not think so but braid works great.
  4. Nice report. Just got on here. Good to see a few guys from home. We are up fishing friday threw sunday. You going back up this weekend Kevin? Got 4 boats
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