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  1. Thanks,I found an old post I think Iv got it.well see Friday!
  2. I have asked this question Befor but am not sure what the response was,going to olcot this weekend and can't remember where to look on my GPS to find the 30 line?can anyone help?thanks!
  3. Thanks again guys..going to get a wire rig put together.my dad tried it once with no luck..it got a birds nest and was done..any suggestions on what to get..can I get a combo ready to fish?
  4. Since I stated fishing ontario I was told to use mono off the rigger braid off the dipsy..iv read some post on here that say different?what are guys running?
  5. Thanks for all the help..I think I got it just gotta get time off to get back out there!!fish on!!!
  6. I look for those numbers on my gps and never saw them?i went way out only could find 540ft of water. If I head straight north from the harbor will I find that line..
  7. Been finishing out of olcott for two years now and do ok every year but not as good as we would like..have a good program just can't stay on the fish.i hear alot and read alot about the 30 or 32 lines but am not sure where they are..I know they are coordinates but where do I find those numbers?
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