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  1. Well I can tell you all that I really enjoyed fishing up at Lake Ontario this year. I will be back for another shot next year. Now all I have to do is find a Capt. that arrainge a 2 day trip with a mixed party and I'm in. See you'll either next Spring or Fall. Be safe & tight lines.. Randy
  2. I couldn't agree more. But all of my fishing has been done in the Atlantic, which has had a bad year mostly due to Sandy. I caught a fish & was on the water so it was a great trip for me. I just wondered if it was good,normal or not so good. There have been many conflicting reports.
  3. Hi Guys, This year was my first time to ever fish for salmon in the Salmon River area. We got 1 king and 2 Coho in 6 hrs of pretty rough & nasty weather. I'm considering coming back up next year and trying again but I reading conflicting reports. Has this year been an exceptionaly bad year, a fair year or a bad year? If bad why? I've read conflicting reports again - water too warm, fish not coming in ans so on so I'm confused about coming back and trying again. What do you'll think? Randy
  4. Fished with Capt. Al Martin & his wife Judy from Nomad Fishing Charters, out of Mike's Marina. Weather was a little rough but we hung in. Caught 1 small King and 2 decent Coho. Great day on the water with Capt. Al & Judy...
  5. Thanks, I'm looking forward to fishing there. I normally fish the Atlantic so big fish aren't a new thing BUT I've never caught a salmon before and am hoping to get 1. I chartered for 8 hrs so we should get at least 1 or 2 kings.
  6. Thanks for the reply but the Capt. of the boat I've chartered will be picking the fishing spots. I was looking more for whats being caught, how big & how many. I'm from Falls, PA. About 30-45 min. North of Philly. I'm actually from Texas - just been living up here for over 30 years.
  7. Hi all, I'm from PA and am coming up to Lake Ontario on the 7th of Sept to fish for the first time. ( first time ever fishing for salmon) We'll be fishing out of Mexico and I'm looking for fishing reports. Not knowing the area, its hard to try and see what fishing reports are helpful. Any help for the Mexico area ( will be going out of Mike's Marina ) would really be appreciated.. Randy
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