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  1. I had the chance to get out today. The wind was suppose to be brutal so I went to a smaller lake….got there it was almost glass most of the day. The fish are in transition to a fall pattern. You’ll hear people talking to you about weather and water and air temperature being a big factor but one thing a lot of anglers forget is that the fish realize we are having shorter days/sunlight and no matter how high the water temp stay…Bass just like any other animals are a creature of habits. I found them everywhere. Shallow to deep but mostly in a channel where the current is usually not as strong….you can see a lot of fish migrating towards the big lake. In the video you’ll see a contest. Post on the video youtube page the weight you think that fish is. The winner will be chosen Oct 15 2013. Don’t post it on this forum…post it on the youtube video in the comment. You must subscribe to my channel to be eligible! ïŠ Video Link
  2. Hey Guys, Here is a video of one of my outing this year. Lots of big fish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP9yuNf-4DM&feature=share&list=UU3FDdIttH6hc5-I-uWEDW2Q
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