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  1. Great fish!! Nice to know they are still lurking, for a little while there we were questioning things!!
  2. Thanks fellas! All the credit goes to my brother for putting me on the fish and dragging me around in his boat....but that was one dam fun fight!!
  3. That was us Ivan, we were on the snug drift all day! Fish action on every pass makes for great fuel savings! Glad to hear you were on the fish too. The full moon seemed to have them moving more than usual and the good chop on the water seemed to keep that alge down a bit.
  4. Was out on CL Sunday and the Musky's were frisky, we had 4 boat side follows 2 quick on and off's and we finally got this girl to lay good teeth into my Glitter **** Buck Tail. Quick measurements had it at 46" and 28lbs. Not a bad fish in my book.
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