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  1. hey, cooter dog, thanks a lot. This is all about being safe and have fun, isn't it? all the very best to you!
  2. hunter 59, did you read what this discussion is all about? It's not that somebody has "balls" to cut somebody else lines, this is about having "balls" to stand up against bullies and to prevent such behavior at our Great Lake, regardless the size of the boat. And something else: requests to put his name on the forum can't be satisfied, hope this guy learnt his lesson and now he has to continue doing his business, make money and feed his family.
  3. Fortunately, there is overwhelming majority of good people at this forum who agree that we all live in our community by the law and common sense: be respectful and good to others and they will be good to you. Unfortunately, there is few ones who never learned, while being bullies when they was 12 years old, and up to date, being bullies in their 30’s.... that to insult, and offence other people (twice their age by the way)...is not right. As it was suggested I walked 10 slips to talk to this guy...well, he said "sorry", but his attitude said no sorry at all. Thus, I was not surprised to find that my post “Bullying at Bluffers†was removed from Spoonpullers forum, fortunately the topic has been picked up by other guys. Ok, forget about this nasty accident, but Something is not right here, aren’t we all entirely equal, regardless of boat we are in: 17 footer or 40 footer charter? What makes some "few" think that they are kings on this lake?
  4. With all common respect to the brave and successful Fisherman who are dedicated so much that go out regardless of weather. However now I want to discuss a different topic: ignorance and bullying of some guys in our fishing community. While sometimes we all fishing on the lake in the same area, commonly must be effected the rule that we are all the same and being on the water, anything may happen with any of us, so, we all must be attentive to each other and helpful. Instead, some guys act like they own the lake and instead of giving a way to other boats which, “they think†are on their way...this guys start to shout, insult and show fingers. Today at Blue Zone at 11:15 am one of charters on full speed was driving directly to my boat while I was trolling, it was really scary, I honked multiple times without any success and then, right in front of my boat they turned away avoiding collision, but leaving me and my wife in state of shock on a huge wake, having messed up all our lines... However this is not the end of story. While we were going to our slip, passing by that charter, that guys start to cry towards us various insults, show fingers, and one of this bullies even turned around and show his naked butt. At this point, I’ll leave to myself my comments and my further action, just want to put in on discussion at this board. Any thoughts are welcome.
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