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  1. What  Vin said is right, we run 32lb. Blood run copper for eyes and at a speed of 1.5 a 175 copper is at about 50 ft to 55ft  with a worm harness. with a crank bait it will most likely tag bottom. copper like lead is very speed dependent so the faster you go the higher in the water it will run.  300 ft of 45 lb copper  in 60 ft of water is overkill for sure.

  2. my 2010 is 28 in. high mid way back on the side and 26 high across the back with the rod holders and riggers no way your falling out. these are great boats they have no wood to rot out and unlike most walk around boats the stripers walk around drain overboard not into the back of the boat. I love  mine never had any problems. mine is an outboard. so an IO may be different.

  3. I have gone on  a lot of charters from Florida to Mexico to Hawaii, what I want is honesty if its it wrong time of season and the fish are not there then tell me not take me on a $500 boat ride. I expect to catch some fish, that is what iam booking you for. If I run a charter and the week before we are crushing them, then the lake flipped and the fishing gets tough Ill call my guys and let them know they can then decide if they want to rebook later or cancel or fish. as far as touching gear that depends on the client, not everyone knows how to set a rigger or run out a copper line but if they want to learn great. if they show me they have the experience then have at it, no one want to sit on the hand all day, i always try to get the guys involved some way.

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  4. I have Merc 150 on my starcraft and yamaha 250 on my striper, I dont think you can go wrong with what ever you get. Just make sure there  is a good repair shop close to home that you can trust to fix them if you need to. not all boat dealers work on every make motor you may find merc dealers wont work on nothing but merc and same for Yamaha, and honda . Each motor CAN need there own set of tools for different thing that need to get fixed.

  5. I was in the store yesterday morning and the place was just about cleaned out. there was a guy that had a cart full of toilet paper it was so high you could not see over it, i said to him man you must go a lot ,he smiled and said he was stocking up to sell on ebay later at 3 times the price and that he had all kinds of stuff cleaners, sprays. so I told him man its a good thing you have all the toilet paper because your the biggest  A hole I have ever seen.  people a Nuts. A country boy can survive.

  6. Hi sled Guy,  as far as mounting riggers { and this is my opinion and the way both my boats are set up } on my 18 ft starcraft  I ran a track down the gunwales and my riggers are 3 feet up from the back of the boat, this helps keep the back corners and back of the boat open for netting and less chance for fish swimming into the gear, in front of that I have a my diver rod holder then my tree for boards { Great lakes planer has trees that you can add a diver rod holder }  for a smaller foot print on the rail. so on my 18 foot starcraft I have a rigger then a diver rod holder and then my tree for boards on each side. KEEP THIS IN MIND if you fish with the top up check to see if you can get to the rods and how much room you will have in the back of the boat. hope this helps.

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