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  1. I agree hours should be consistent across the board we missed weigh in this past season. Even called Dave to see if he could possibly help weigh the fish and was basically told in a nice way sorry your sh*t out of luck. But whatever went back out the next day and got my son another 1st place youth fish … and I still had to throw it in a cooler and drive all the way to hughes from shumway. 
    for what it’s worth I’d throw an extra 5 or 10 bucks in entry fees if loc would use it to pay a Rochester weigh station …. Something to think about … hell I’d be ok if Ryan at Mitchell’s charged me 5 bucks to weigh a fish so I wouldn’t have to drive 30-40 min to weigh a fish 



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  2. On 1/17/2024 at 1:16 PM, KennyC said:

    A great resource for the Carolina Classic:



    I found my current Carolina 28 on that forum that a member listed before putting it on the open market. I had been looking for a 28 for a few years and hadn't found the right one so last year purchased a 1998 Carolina 25 and ran it last year, sold it at the end of the season to buy the 28. Only reason for selling the 25 was the 28 I had been looking for with gas engines and no tower in budget was finally found so I did sell the 25 and only had it for one season.  Both brands are well built heavy boats.


    There is a lot of info on the water ingestion issue on that forum.  The 25 we had was one that had the original Volvo engine replaced in 2007 with a Crusader from the Carolina Classic factory and the Crusader was a great engine.  

    thanks for the link I will check it out … 

    how does your 28 fish ? Do you use it for Great Lakes salmon fishing ? 

    I stepped on one outside of Boston and I could just feel a difference in the construction and quality/ stability vs other boats I have been on. 
    the captain spoke very highly of the hull and said it would take what ever was thrown at it 

  3. 2 hours ago, Earl28 said:

    If it's any engine issue is that not an issue with all boats that use that engine?

    Yes it’s more of an engine issue … something to do with valves not closing fully so it can recirculate exhaust gases for better  emissions… depending on engine shut down when docking etc if a valve is in a certain position can allow water to enter motor seems to be mostly Volvo and merc mpi motors … crusaders do not have that issue by looks of it ? 
    im sure Hank or someone more knowledgeable will chim in at somepoint lol 


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