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  1. I like to go out of Newburyport ,great fishing in river early. And a straight shot out to Jeffrey's ledge when you pick your days for bottom fishing.its only an hour ride from Manchester . Ps still trying to figure out all the posting stuff thanks for the reply and let me know if you need any info on the coastal stuff
  2. Iam from New Hampshire,just baught a 22.5 Key West w/a and have been outfitting for lake Ontario trolling and coastal fishing in my state for stripers,cod.haddock.and hopefuuly some tuna in the fall.I'am becoming a very big fan of New York.The quality of the fish and game in this state has got to be second to only Alaska as far as i'am concerned.just wanted to say thanks to all the fisherman on here that are so forthcoming with info about how ,what when and where to fish on the lake.Its been invaluable setting up rods,planer boards,types of lines for spring and fall ect. Can't wait for the third week in april!!fishing out of Fairhaven!(:
  3. Another fairly newbie to the big lake I've been out about a half dozen times from N.H.in last 15 yrs and has been about six yrs since last trip.Can't wait for April just got new boat and more time so really like this site and the info !! A special thanks to the poster and Tim Bromund with a wealth of info.
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