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  1. I almost always jig.  Ten pound test crystal fireline(so you can see it with 10ish feet of leader and 1 1/2 ounce jig.  Some days the metal lure jigs works best other it is the tube jigs, most people say white but we use all colors.  You need a depth finder that you can see your jigs in 130 feet of water and a good electric motor to hold you over the fish.  For us most of our fish we see reacting to the lure.  A lot of the fish want the jig sitting on the bottom, just a slight movement , I like to think I am just rolling it over side.  they will pick it up off the bottom at times.   Then jig it a bit and then retrive it, if you see one coming in pull it up faster and faster  DO NOT SLOW down.  You can occasionally see them hit it, that makes it more fun. I use my mitchell with 150 yards of line and with the big jig you have to try to horse them up.  If they turn and get any slack line the wieght of the jig, you will loose them.  Good luck, they hit great......jk    Read gators post again!!!
    Thanks very much I will deffinetly try that out.

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  2. Was wondering if anyone can tell me a few different ways to rig up for jigging for trout. Or at least some advice. Always trolled but have small boat now of my own and I really want,to get into some jigging. Anyone ever use like a spoon or wobbler above jig leader. I was just wondering if that would be something worth trying. thanks for any and all advice. I hope I posted in the right place if not my apologies ahead of time.

    Everyone have a fun and safe season


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