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  1. $150.00 shipped if in u.s.a. to Canada will be a little more.... will put on eBay in a few days.
  2. They Sell for $250 new. I am asking for $200 shipped.. Very Good condition. I sold 1 already and the buyer was pleased.. Along with some of the cisco fishing holders. I do not need or have use for these. they came with the boat I purchased this year.... I have 1 left..... You can email me at - [email protected] or text if you prefer. - 412-638-5051. thanks. Tucker
  3. Along with my other post of the cisco fishing system that people were happy about, I am offering a Cannon 10 Magnum STX-TS electric downrigger, I see they list for $900 + or so.. I am asking $700. I can send pics if anyone interested. We can talk about shipping..... I have the box, users guide, everything that came to me, I have it... Thanks... Tucker.....
  4. The 6" track is sold... Still have the 48" berts track for $100.00 shipped. Brand new in unopened package... The cannon dual axis rod holders I will Drop to $180.00 a piece shipped before I just store them away.... Thanks..
  5. apparently the 48" berts custom tackle track buff bright is still for sale. JUST A HEADS UP, I pretty much know what I am selling and the value.... I am selling a lot cheaper, But when You offer me $20 for a 48" berts track, brand new in a package with all the hardware.... ? COME ON.... Serious buyers only please... Only thing sold as of now is the small cisco holders.. Paid for and will ship... Thank you Buyer.
  6. The 2 cisco rod holders 9" are sold. thanks. The 48" bright buff berts track is possibly sold. waiting on confirmation.. If no go, will go to the next time when I received the messages of people interested. I will sell by the time I received the message. Please everyone, give me time to get back to you. Thanks...
  7. I recently purchased a 1 year old boat. Everything came with the boat, most things I do not use since I do not troll for salmon, trout or walleyes. Listed below are items I want to sell with the price included. All items are in very, very good condition. I have pics of everything listed so if anyone is serious about buying anything, I can email pics... I have 2 cisco fishing system trolling/dipsy rod holders. They measure 9" high. I have 2 cisco fishing system trolling/dipsy rod holders that measure 17 1/2" high, because they have the 8" riser added to them. Part number for all these holders is RHSCR. Riser part number is RISXX... All 4 of theses have the mounting plate with thumbscrews that fit into cisco tracks. They also fit into berts custom tackle tracks since I use them. I would think they would fit into trax-tech tracks also. You can look up cisco fishing systems to read about them, and if interested I can send you pics. The 9" high holders I would like $75.00 a piece. The holders with the risers I would like $100.00 a piece. I will pay all shipping costs in the U.S.A. I will consider giving a better price if you buy more than 1... ALSO Have 2 cannon Dual axis adjustable rod holders that also came with the boat. I could not find a part number on cannons website. These again, are in very, very good condition. I would like $200.00 a piece for these. Please check cannons website for additional information on these. Again, I will pay all shipping in the U.S.A. Anyone interested email me at - matshare[email protected] or text/call 1-412-638-5051 I can send pics thru text if easier. Also have 1-48" and 1-6" berts trolling tracks. BRAND NEW in unopened package. You can contact me if interested.
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