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  1. Has anyone used a bud's diver on power pro. Thinking of picking one up to experiment with. I don't really plan on using the side planning part of it but am more interested in the sliding part that the weight attatches to. If anyone has used this or has one they want to get rid of cheep I would be interested.
  2. Anyone know of an online source for these in the UV colors. I am looking for the jester, the top gun, the viper, and the green haze. If anyone knows a place i can order these through let me know. I cant seem to find anywhere that carries these in uv.
  3. So you guys know I am fishing the west side of lake michigan. I curently run grease traps and smaller cow bell trolls, however I have seen some of the picture of trout and those giant bells and want to have every option available. Plus no one I know over here has a set. Please post more or if anyone wants to share techniques feel free to message me. We fish almost exclusivly flasher flies here.
  4. I am looking for a source for magnum blades to make some cowbells. I have seen some pictures of some on this site and am wondering if anyone can point me to a manufacturer or online store that sells them. I have found the hammerhead site, are there any others. Are these hammehead?? Does anyone have the size in inches that correspond to the blade sizes. I assume the #5 is big but it doesn't say how big.
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