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  1. I thank all of you who commented on my charter tipping question. The information given was helpful for me in planning the next trip and being sure all involved are treated well..............Thanks!
  2. I have read all of the posts and they are somewhat helpful but I am still not certain what or who to tip. This was our first Charter trip. There were 5 of us 2 brothers, 2 friends and myself. The Charter package provided lodging and 4 days of fishing. Prior to the trip I asked the Captain about tipping. I wanted to know how to tip the mate, if we needed to tip the person that made the lodge ready and what to tip the captain. The captain told us that there was no need to tip the maid clean up service, that $20 per person per day was a good average for the mate, he said nothing about tipping him for service. The trip was wonderful, the captain and mate were great and we had a wonderful time and want to go back. Tipping properly is a concern and I want to correct it if you think we were out of line. We tipped the mate a total of $100 a day for the first 3 days and $150 on the last day so we gave him $450 for a fantastic job. we gave the Captain a total of $120 above the total bill.........which was $3,150. We didn't leave anything for maid service. I would appreciate your opinions on if or how far out of line we may have been. I want to make it right if we were not in line...........Thanks!
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