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  1. Went out of Henderson out to 150ft of water Thursday and Friday. Bunch of skipper kings and one decent laker and caught a couple big white fish. Slow for us
  2. Got here late around 5 went out for two hours broke one off crossing trench board with 5 color wrapped on clip. Marked lots of bait of pill boxes
  3. Heading up next Tuesday anything going on trout/king wise figure trying high wall and out by shipping lanes depending on wind
  4. What's up mike. We're going come by camp but we got slammed in the rain out there that night. Came in soaked and beat. Going to try to come back up late august. Will let you know Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Went up with our own boat for first time. Friday had 3 rigger pops no fish. Saturday went out caught two lakers and small steelie on stacker. Sunday we had to leave early so we stayed in trench to try for browns even tho we heard of bad reports. Found bait in 40 feet and ended up going 5 for 8 in three hours. One brown was 20lb Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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