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  1. LBT1, good to hear you got out! Even though COVID put a damper on this season at least you can say you got some fish in the boat. Coubourg is an area I've never fished before but I know a bunch of people who have and it always seems to produce fish. Good to hear you got your son out too! The more we keep the sport going with the new generation the stronger it becomes for years to come. Good memories that money can't buy. How do you find using the spin doctors behind your dipsys? I was wondering if the pull would be too much. As it stands right now I only use a 4 rod set up because this new boat isn't really rigged for more than that. I'm going to put two more riggers and a planner board mast on it for next season so I could run 8 rods comfortably with 4 licenses in the boat. Like I mentioned above, most of my action has been on the flys. They have been doing well. I wouldn't mind getting into trolling some meat for next year though. Going to have to prep some fillets in the spring. Do you make your own or buy them? All the best and good luck on the water!
  2. Latest reports... Been trying to get out the odd morning, it would seem that you have to work hard for them right now. Been trying varying depths of water and various temperatures. Most action has been in around 50 - 80ft of water. Many Kings are staging if they haven't already gone up the rivers. Not too bad though, been averaging about 4 or 5 per outing. Seems like the season is coming to an end soon but here are a couple more pictures. MY youngest daughter caught her first king on the new boat, it wasn't a monster but she was happy with it. Other fish was 28lbs, nice King. Most of the action seems to be on the flys right now, both riggers and dipsys. Good luck out there!
  3. Yeah, that seemed to be the general consensus over the VHF. Not a lot of action and hard to find the fish. They're out there, just not feeding heavy. Not sure if the warm water has them sluggish.
  4. Okay so we went out this morning for a few hours again before I needed to head in for work. I had my Dad and father-in-law with me. Fished from daylight to about 10:15am. Similar conditions as yesterday with warm water in tight to shore, I had 60 degree water 60' down. Still lots of bait fish and some hooks so I stayed there. I had the first king in the boat before I was done setting up the rods! Caught him on the wire line with a dipsy and Kelly green spoon behind a green/white twinkie rig. It was quiet for a bit after that, then I got two more later in the morning. One on the wire and another on the rigger. Both on a fly, one behind a blue twinkie rig and another behind a flasher. Rigger was 70' down over 100' of water, it was our biggest fish of the day. So overall not a bad day! It wasn't fast and furious but we went 3 for 3 so I can't complain. Water was nice to be out. Good luck out there!
  5. I was away on vacation in Algonquin for a week. Was back in the water yesterday and heard from a few locals that fish are starting to stage. Tried in 60' to 80' of water, caught one 10lb King on a Kelly Green spoon off the wire line, fishing 55 over 80'. Lots of bait in tight, but water temp was warm. Around 60 degrees 60' down. Moved out to about 140' of water shortly after 8am, and while the water temp was better there was no bait or hooks. Had to pack it in at 10am to get to work for the afternoon. Slow morning but great to be out, will try again tomorrow morning. Good luck out there!
  6. Latest report:... Went out yesterday from Whitby and headed Westward in about 80-100 ft for the first couple hours of daylight. No action so I headed out to 200' and had no success out there. I was roughly south of Ajax/Pickering at that time. Got skunked =( However the good part was I had the girls (two daughters and my wife) out for a few hours and they had fun boating around, so overall still a great day. Just wish I had a couple fish for them to reel in. Today, I started in about 60' of water and worked the 60-80' range just East of Whitby. Saw a bit of bait fish and a few hooks but no action. I decided after about 2 hours to head back out to 370' of water due South of Whitby. Hooked 4 nice Rainbows, 2 on cheaters with the wonderbread lure and two on the dipsy with a white fly. So overall, another good day to be on the water. Still trying to find the kings... patience =D Still working on my callsign, but I'll let you all know once I get that figured out so you can ping me on the VHS. Here is another pic of my buddy holing a Rainbow.
  7. Okay so, yesterday was the first morning out. Rollers were rough on the back but it wasn't too bad. Fished mostly in the 70' - 130' range with little success. Two riggers and two wire lines. Went out again this morning, nice and calm so we headed out to around 280' and trolled out to 375' of water. South-south East of Whitby. It was still a slow start but we came onto some good rainbow action at around 10:00 in the 300' + waters. Magic colours seemed to be anything with a lot of speckled bright colour to it. "Wonderbread" on a cheater line was working great as they were up close to surface. Still trying to find the kings, must be a tourney this weekend because a lot of boats are pre-fishing from out of town. Saw a couple boats from St. Catherines. Anyway, here is a picture of a nice rainbow, I'll let you know when I find the big kings.
  8. Wind was up today from the South-West. Way to rough to be out there this afternoon for me. I got some more work done on the boat but didn't go out. Will try again tomorrow after work.
  9. Just got the boat into the slip today. A few finishing touches tomorrow and I'll be good to go. If the wind is right I will head out tomorrow afternoon/evening. Stay tuned!
  10. Yeah that doesn't surprise me, that's usually the case this time of year. I will let you know how the blue water fishing goes. I'll try my luck out there.
  11. I see about 144 views but no responses, so I decided to respond to my own post in case people are interested in reading. I asked around a bunch of boats in the area and most seem to be having a lot of success on both the Kings and the Steelhead right now. Nothing gigantic out Whitby way from what I can tell but steady fishing which is good. Both Riggers and wire line seem to be working behind a dreamweaver spin doctor doctor and a spoon following a twinkie rig, some where fishing cut bait as well. Started early in about 60-70 feet of water and worked out to deep water. The water temp and bait location seem to be changing a bit so if you find that you should be into the fish. I've had success in the past out in the blue water this time of year. I'm hoping to have the boat in the water this weekend and I'll let you know how it goes. If nothing else I'll wash some lures.
  12. My dad and I had some bad luck with our last boat, endless problems year after year and this year the 150 Merc went for a crap (oil injectors went faulty, alarm and shutdown system failed). We upgraded to a 2003 TROPHY 2509 WA with twin 150 Mercs and rigged for fishing. Boat is in Whitby and we will most likely be getting a slip there as well. Since I've been out of the action for a couple years I was wondering what the latest reports were like from anyone doing a bit of salmon fishing out from the Pickering/Whitby/Bowmanville areas? Excited to get back out on the water! Any tips would be great. Good luck on the water.
  13. If the boat is still for sale, shoot me a message. Definitely interested.
  14. I haven't been to the BOQ this year yet but a good friend of mine goes down regularly. He was fishing all last weekend and the fishing was tough. Mostly out of Belleville and Big Bay area. Just a couple pickerel and a few bass, very slow for this time of year. I wonder if the crazy weather we had this winter/spring has had an impact on the lack of fishing many anglers are experiencing right now. Hopefully things will begin to pick up. Let us know how you make out!
  15. Short report, got to Frenchman's bay only to find out that the power was left on in the boat and a dead battery. Headed her back home to clean and wax, will try again tomorrow hopefully with a charged battery this time.
  16. I haven't been out fishing from port darlington this year yet, but I went down there on Monday to talk to the guys (mostly from Quebec) who were down for the weekend and they were all saying fishing was very slow, not much action at all. Water temp still cold and much the same across the durham area from what I can tell. Going to go out of Frenchman's bay today and see how things are, I'll get back.
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