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  1. Thanks for the info. What is a meat rig? Not familiar. The guy is right about the carp, funny what fish will go for. My brother and i have fished all over the world and its funny how fishing techniques and bait are so different in different countries. We ocean fished a lot in australia and new Zealand and they have some crazy techniques over there. We ran out of bait once and my brother caught a huge fish on bubblegum. Lake ontario is difficult and a long time between fish but what you do catch is high class.
  2. Haha, ill try a chicken leg if i have to. Let me know how you get on. My brother fishes a lot in England and the fish really like strong flavours. Aniseed is a favorite of theirs.
  3. How far behind my rigger ball should i be fishing? Maybe the weight is spooking em?
  4. Ive been marking a lot out of whitby on my fish finder, saw some nice groups out around 135 fow at 40 to 60 feet down. I could see my line bumping into a few but no takers. They gotta be eating something!!!
  5. Green flasher/fly combo killed last year. This year id have starved to death if i was using this as my food source. Anyone have luck on this combo or have another idea? I tried geen and black spoons too. Should i ditch the flasher for now?
  6. Ok thanks, think I will. You never know I guess.
  7. Caught a 27 lb tonight. Is it worth weighing in or too small? Where do you weigh in at Whitby? Never did it before.
  8. Hows the evening fishing? I only go in the mornings so far. What times the best to go out, anyone know?
  9. If you catch a fish off Whitby with a green fly and flasher I want it back. Bugger snapped my 25lb line like it was nothing. . Best chance of fish is before 10:00 am. After that they take a nap or something.
  10. Ive been catching Chinook right off whitby Marina in 80 fow and only 30 feet down. Green fly works best. I tried all over at all depths but only find them closer in to shore.
  11. Good advice, thanks. Most were within 5 feet of bottom but lone fish or small groups up to about 50 feet.
  12. Ive been fishing out of whitby last 2 weekends. Only fish I can mark are in small groups in 100 to 110 feet of water so far. What depth should I be fishing at, ive been trying 60 to 80 feet. Is that too deep? Im going out again tommorow, hope its a bit calmer this weekend too, its been a rough ride last 2 weeks.
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