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  1. Been a long while since i reported in here, Lots of ice on lower river at Youngstown...Ramps are all closed on Canadian Side thanks to stupidity by our Regional Municipalities of Niagara and Niagara Parks Pathetic actually..but in a few weeks i want to get out there..Anyone with any updates on ice, river conditions and ramp openings would be greatly appreciated...thanks...GT
  2. Wow  cant believe its been so long since i reported in on this... Anyone have updates on ramp openings on the upper and lower Niagara?  Saw lots of ice on the lower river near youngstown...any updates are appreciated...thanks


  3. Most shore fishermen are catching loads of fish at Devils hole. Access?.?? Can't help u there, I watch from the boat" minnow"
  4. Most shore fishermen are catch loads of fish at Devils hole. Access?.?? Can't help u there, I watch from the boat" minnow"
  5. Weather and water conditions have made our recent fishing fantastic... Expecting great fishing well thru January, hoping larger steelies will arrive when temps drop... Loads of fish caught so far this month.. Perfect..
  6. The shoreline may be a little clearer according to Bill Hilts jr. And I agree, so fishing opportunities closer to shore I think are good. While drifting down river I noticed a number of shore fisherman With regular hook ups, by many of them along the way ---bottom bounce with bright roe bags and/or cast colored spinners may do the trick as well as minnows imitations. from the Canadian side Queenston drift always seems to produce fish for shore fisherman while walking is difficult elsewhere, there are spots above the Queenston drift including Pebble Beach which have produced well in the past. walking is always the issue on the Canadian side along the shoreline. Be careful.
  7. Btw, Happy Thanksgiving to all our great friends across the river. Enjoy an awesome day of football, fishing and family.
  8. Well fishermen, it's that time of year again. I love fishing Niagara in the winter. Year #30+ Seen it all... Been down on the lower river few days back now, winds have hurt the clarity from Erie and only a few lakers on fluorescent roe bags, 2 ft vis last week. I see Erie starting to look better from satelite. But river still shows cloudiness. Anyone been down to lower river last few days for an eye witness report? Taking the big Lund back to queenston either tomorrow or Sunday... Look for us.. New crossover grey and black 150 veranda... We'll post updates from our trip. Please treat the lakers gently folks, gilling them is not good. Gentle. Don't put your hands thru the gills for a picture... It really stresses and injures them. Use gloves and support them as they are not keepers - out of season... I see way too many boaters grab fish under the gills holding 10 plus pounds of fish below and dragging them around the boat for photos with guest and friends... Then tossing them back... I am a fisheries technician and have seen results of this, last 30 years. Respect and treat our treasured fish gently... Happy fishing, and see you on the river..
  9. Spring is here, I'm sure for the Niagara...looking for some updates... Fish ice etc... I am not getting on the water for another week + due to work, hope everyone can update me here so I can plan..thanks for any updates....
  10. . Fishing was right on in December before Christmas. Water was clearing up nicely, pros were using mostly minnows and imitations similar, and we worked both and also used beads and roe, with good success... Catch was about 1/30min ave. After 9:30am overall.... Art park and other locales below the power dams were still too cloudy.. Visibility above was 2-3ft. Below 1/2 to 1 foot.... What's happening with fish and the conditions now? Any updates fishermen? Tags.
  11. Gotta plan to use both...in all conditions to get the bite moving Anyone know whats working right now? What's the water conditions now, as winds on lake Erie have been strong of late.. Updates?
  12. We haven't made it there yet. Usually both, depending on clarity and colour of the water...
  13. Thanks, hope to keep these updates coming thru the winter... Will watch the weather, and start on the river soon. That's good news.. Thank you.
  14. Are we ready to move in off the lake yet? Any updates on the Lower Niagara are greatly appreciated.
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