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  1. Still have this shanty will send pics if u r interested in it
  2. Still have this boat would like to have it gone if possible as I'm moving and can't take with if u would like pics text me at 3155291380 make a good offer might just take it
  3. Still have this boat for 2500 b.o needs to go as I'm moving and can't take with me contact me at 3155291380 if u want pics
  4. It is 900 canvas purple got it yr before they came out with the pro package deal , I'll let it go for 325 need to sell as I'm moving
  5. Still for sale moving and would like to get it gone so I don't have to take it with me
  6. Bang , still for sake will let go for 2500
  7. I'll have pics or try to post some tomr canvas is like new and pools r all new three yrs ago
  8. This shanty is in very good shape has not been used in three yrs and kept in side asking 450 , new this shanty is over 800 if u look them up best shanty going text at 3155291380 is interested
  9. Yes if would like some ill text them to u
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