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  1. Hey So this summer I've made 3 trips to lake Ontario off bronte. Our first trip was good, we managed 2 big kings (20 lb and a 27 lb) 4 coho and a rainbow. There were some clouds in the sky but it was sunny. Air pressure was average. Second trip was in between a couple thunderstorms, so low air pressure. We got 5 salmon this time one 28 lbs and the rest were smaller. Third trip was today and the air pressure was higher at the time of fishing, not a cloud in the sky. We fished all day and did not have a hit. I tried ever colour shape and size of lure, cut baits, flashers no flashers. So my question is... Has anyone else had this type of experience with high pressure? I'm pretty sure they had lock jaw because I was marking lots of bait and lots of fish.
  2. Bronte is picking up good. I was there yesterday and got 6 kings and a bow. biggest salmon was 27 lbs also had a 20 lber. everything else was smaller. most bites were in 80-90 fow and riggers were around 55-70.
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