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  1. I'm game. In talking to Justin I'd say you can about bet on it. I'd like to bring my son that will be 16 next year. Can't take him in Sept due to school.
  2. Yeah, I just talked to him. Said his flight was delayed. I let him know I had plenty of room in my freezer because I know his is TIGHT. LOL. It'd be cool to get an Atlantic Salmon some day.
  3. Yep, you heard that right--Georgia. A friend, Shawn Florkowski, told me about this site. I came up to Lewiston, NY back in 2008 hoping to catch a lake trout for my wall. Due to the weather, we had to fish the River and all I caught were steelhead--though I did catch a nice one. Been wanting to get back to try again ever since, and God willing, I will be in Rochester in September to give it a try with Rick Hajecki. Can't wait.
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