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  1. Always start with the obvious.... Check all your fuel lines and fittings. Look for dry rot and/or cracks in the lines. Check the connector that goes from your fuel line to the motor, for a few $$ change the fuel filter. Sounds like you may be getting an air leak somewhere. Pump the primer ball slowly while looking for gas pushing out from the fittings and carb. Next issue, if the above checks out, may be gunk in the carb. Try running some seafoam through it to see if it unsticks. (usually a needle and seat in the carb sticks) If none of the above "easy" fixes work, then you will have to have it diagnosed by a mechanic. Good Luck!!
  2. Hey all, I have a complete mercrusier outdrive that was rebuilt 1yr ago. It is complete with all lines, hydraulics, gimbel bearings, transom plate, cables, etc. All you need is a new gasket, and prop! The marina that rebuilt it, said it's worth $4500 The boat it was on was docked in fresh water, and the exterior is a little ugly, but it's all new inside. Looking for $3000 OBO Don't be afraid to make an offer, this is taking up a lot of room, and I'm constantly tripping over the cables and hydraulic rams!!! PM me with any questions or offers!
  3. Hello fellow fishheads! My name is Eric Geary, I run S.W.A.T Fishing (Salmon Walleye, And Trout) out of Altmar, NY. I've been a guide on the Salmon River for 15yrs, and 8 yrs ago, I quit my "real" job as a flight nurse on a medevac to chase my dream as a full time fishing guide! I am always available for a no BS report, so feel free to call, text, or email me!! FISH-ON!!!!! ><)))))"> Eric www.salmonriverfloatfishing.com
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