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  1. Thanks for all the info! The distance between the edge and the bottom at the transome where the motor will go is 16 inches, does that mean I can use a short shaft?
  2. Thanks! I have a couple for river drifting already but never thought of using them for this!
  3. Thanks!! I figured my boat is small enough but wanted to make sure before I get the wrong one!! Do any of you two have long shaft or just regular size?
  4. Hi I have a 97 Sylvan 16 Ft aluminum with a 75hp engine. My trolling speed is really hard to control. I think this year I will need to get a kicker on a budget !! Does the kicker have to be a 9.9hp? Or can I get away with a 5 or 6 HP motor, or even less? Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Hi, no. I had to work all morning so ended up at The bluffs in the after noon with no luck. Sorry
  6. Hi. I want to try going for salmon tomorrow but with the garniner out of service toouch traffic to get to at Catherine's. does anyone have any suggestions east of the city? Thanks so much! Have a great weekend!
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